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Warm Your Fireplace With Coal Inserts

Fireplaces have been heating the home for centuries now. We have evolved in technology and have other heating sources but there are many options! We want to give you all the options and showcase why some may be better than others. Let's chat about coal inserts and why they are awesome!

In most households, installing a fireplace insert into your existing fireplace is not as complicated as it may seem. We make it hassle-free by giving you step by step instructions to install your new insert. We are also available to assist you via chat, email, or call!

Modern fireplaces or inserts have systems that allow your entire home to get an even distribution range of heat. With the aid of today’s technology, homeowners can also easily light their fire and keep it running for hours. Usually, the period of hearths using coal inserts can process 10 to 12 hours of quality heat. They are made to keep you toasty warm on even the coldest of nights!

So, many thrifty folks purchase their inserts with coal instead of oil, gas, or electricity. This can be a thoughtful way of saving your pocket but still having a warm-cozy home.  

So, why coal inserts? 

No Actual Dampness  

For starters, coal doesn't need seasoning due to its zero moisture content, particularly the anthracite type. Anthracite coal is the highest grade of all coal types. This can work with multi-fuel stoves and gives off a remarkable heat for the whole household. It can emit a high volume and temperature of heat. Aside from the mentioned factors, this coal type is a smokeless fuel. If you cannot access this type of coal, you can go with Taybrite or Phurnacite coal types. They are both smokeless and offer efficient heat during ignition. 

Good Heat Provider 

Coal inserts burn best on an effective upraised vent since it needs an air supply from below to stay ignited and heated. When purchasing a multi-fuel stove, then commit to coal as it has an awesome heat efficiency and burn time. It will surely give you fabulous heating in any space, especially during cold weather!

Easy Cleaning Factor & Cost-Wise

In terms of the total B.T.U., coal is commonly somewhere between wood and oil, depending on your home’s location. Thus, buying coal inserts for your fireplace is not much of an effect on your budget. The cleaning part is also important, and luckily, coal is tough to clean material. 

High-Temperature Heat 

Since coal generates little to no creosote, it ignites at a temperature of more than 100 degrees. Coal burns steadily and longer than most fuel types. This saves you time as well as keeps the heat up without needing to refill every few hours. A fireplace using a coal insert may need attention only twice a day at most and could possibly burn for multiple days without needing to be refilled.

With quality coal fireplace inserts, you can keep your family warm and comfy during the cold winter months. Enjoy your get-together around your fireplace without the worry. At Fire Place Doors Online, our stoves and fire inserts are made to last a lifetime. 



What are B.T.Us?

  • B.T.U. stands for British thermal units. It is the measured heat range being produced by burned coal