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Best Spots At Home To Put Your Stylish Wall Clocks 

If there’s one home décor accent for walls that is both functional and decorative upon use, that’s a wall clock. However, knowing which location is the best to place them is somehow unsettled. Well, it might be because clocks are not as hip as before. In this case, homeowners are not 100% invested in using clocks as part of their décor anymore. But that’s when people are wrong. As your dull and plain walls are filled with artsy wall decorations, including clocks, is a smart choice. Why? Because they are ageless pieces which can create an impact on your walls. And besides, clocks will never make you lose track of time again! So, where are we again? Ah yes – where are the best décor zones to put clocks! Ok, below are the best locations at home to hang your wall clock perfectly. Read on.

Where To Put Wall Clocks At Home?

- Living Room

Styling Tip: Make a statement! Placing clocks on the walls of your living room will definitely make this space livelier. Use eye-candy styled clocks like large wall clocks. Mount them above your couch, fireplace or on top of your home entertainment systems. Or, you can place it beside your metal wall art

- Kitchen

Styling Tip: Kitchen is supposedly the busiest part of the home. Thus, its walls deserve a wall hanging like a wall clock. Aside from being stylish, it will benefit you a lot, especially during cooking. If you’re about to put one within your kitchen walls, try to use digital clocks or classic ones. Place some cute wall stickers or a decorative sign too! Indeed, your kitchen will never be dull looking!

- Bedroom

Styling Tip: Wake up in style as you nicely place a pretty alarm clock on top of your bedside table. Or, try to be creative and embellish your bedroom walls with a cool world clock. Well, isn’t that sounds amazing? Give it a shot!

Additional Décor Zones For Wall Clocks:

- Office Room

- Entryway

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How long should wall clock batteries last?

  • It depends on what type of clock have you purchased. Usually the larger the size of the clock, the larger the capacity of sustaining a longer battery life. More or less, standard wall décor clocks run for about 12 months or more.