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The Magic of Holiday Decors: Christmas Tree

Have you ever notice something magical and spectacular about the holidays? That giddy feeling that you have every single time that it will come. It is not the chilly nights of winter or the blissful carols from the street – there’s more to it. We guess it is the spirit of the season itself that makes everyone crazy about this specific time of the year. And one way to relive and strengthen this spirit is through putting holiday decorations like a Christmas tree! 

It’s a fact that holiday trees such as cool Christmas trees are the nicest icing to complete the season’s vibe. Aside from the fact that these décor types are pleasing, they indeed stand out in places. Thus, it became a part of the long tradition. Putting and styling Christmas trees and other winter decorations are more-like like an obligation. Besides, it is legit fun when you see a Christmas tree and, of course, having the chance of styling one. So, want to improve your seasonal décor skills? Here are some useful and stylish tips that you can apply to your house area this holiday season. Also, included on the below list are some best holiday trees designs that you can check out. 

Now, how to style your Christmas tree at home? Well, check out the following! 


Just as stated earlier, Christmas trees are the center of attention during the holidays. They are made of wood, but some providers offer other base materials like plastic for some environmental reasons. Moreover, these seasonal accents vary in different sizes as well – they are eve available at mini sizes! Thus, styling them can be in many fun and creative ways. 

Initial Stages and Major Factors to Remember in Styling Holiday Décors 


Planning is an integral part of not just seasonal décor projects but all home improvement plans. Picturing out a transparent scheme and theme for your space for the holidays is better, especially its results. Your preferred design does not require to be complicated or too complex. Simple décor will do as well. Once you have a plan, you can look for the pieces that will be mashed together. If you don’t want to have lapses, breakdown the things you needed – list down all the must-haves.  

-     Quality and Cost: DO QUALITY SHOPPING. 

Quality over quantity, that’s a famous saying on which can be applied even with home décor. Having many decorative accents during the holidays, particularly Christmas, is sweet. But not all of them are efficient. It will only be stressful if you always buy and buy decorations every year. That is why it is only advisable that one must settle on quality things ever. In this way, you can avoid splurging your expenses and save up more. So, invest in holiday accent items such as a Christmas tree made from premium quality. 


-     Douglas Fir 

-     Balsam Fir (great with its scent!)

-     Scotch Pine 

-     Pine (Avoid those that are unscented.)

-     Fraser Fir 

-     Colorado Blue Spruce 

-     White Fir (smells like citrus.)




-     PP or Polypropylene 

-     PVC 

-     Glass 

-     Ceramics 

-     Mixed: Wooden Top and Different Based Bottom or Vice Versa 

And of course, with others, make sure to purchase quality-made pieces as well. There are lots of physical and online stores that you can get quality yet fashionable products. 

Remember, learning about these factors and beforehand tips guarantee you of having an excellent result within your décor. However, it also right that you should take a note on the following. It is helpful particularly those who got actual wooden holiday trees: 

-     Trust a provider or shop with a complete permit and other requirements. Scams are real, even with selling and marketing Christmas trees. Some of them are actual trees but are harvested and logged from illegal methods. 

-     Make sure to place your tree securely. We get that point that having holiday decorations is a fun thing, but it won’t be long-lasting if you’re not careful. During this season, most unexpected scenarios are from complaints about their actual Christmas tree falling due to its lack of stability. So, it is only essential to check all sides of your space and the items you will style with. 

-     Allergic possibilities are also a prone factor for having real Christmas trees at home during holidays. Without any expectations, the tree that you availed must be containing unwanted components like molds and all. This might be triggering for some people. If you want a safe bet, try artificial accents. They still rock, though! 

If you still have trouble formulating a theme design, this list will help you. Adding to this guide are aesthetic ideas that you can try with your purchased accents: 


-     There’s Nothing Wrong with Classics. Yes, a combination of a green Christmas tree and red garlands is still nice to have at your space. Though they are overrated for the season, it still gives off a timeless touch within your dwelling. You can place your tree on your living space, and that’s it. No hassle at all. 

-     Charming in White. Celebrating the holidays with a white themed accent tree and other décor hits differently. Aside from the fact that it looks very enchanting, it also feels so calming in the eyes. Well, all-white spruce is all about putting not just white-colored pieces. But so, placing other items with a different shade as well. Try to pair your white accents with pastel grey items! 

-     Sparkly and Fancy. An extravagant style for the holiday season at your own space is also a must-try décor choice. This can be done by matching gold to gold pieces or team up sparkly silver seasonal accents. Or you can try gold to silver pairing. Finish it up by topping your Christmas tree with an awesome glitter star. If you want to have shining feels for this yuletide season, then this style is perfect. 

-     Vintage Rustic. Commonly, rustic design is an interior style for home space. So, you might be wondering if that is applicable. Well, that answer is yes! You can mix it and design a rustic theme even on your season’s décor. Since it is a country atmosphere, you can go with earth-toned pieces and retro pieces. You can place antique accents on the base part of your Holiday tree. This can reinforce a frosty cottage vibe that you and your loved ones will surely love. 

-     Holiday Blossoms. Who says that flowers can’t make of a good Christmas decoration? Floral décor on your dwelling. The use of poinsettia flowers, can give your space a total make-over. You can choose from different colors like brown, yellow or the classic red color. 

-     The Seasonal Palette and Shades. Going for unique stylings like decorating your home during Christmas with blue and white shades or a different combination? Sound lovely! Most modern décor ideas are all about putting preferred colors in unison. For example, going with pastel shades like a pastel themed Christmas tree and other decorations. Or try pink shades – well, that would be amazing. 

-     Mini or Minimalist. A mini-sized Christmas tree? Aw, imagine how adorable and cute would that be! Small décor, even for seasons of Christmas and winter, are a bunch of stunning pieces. They are easy to move from places to places and have a different style sense. Many people, especially people who lived in small spaces, prefer miniature versions of holiday decorations. Meanwhile, a minimalist guise for the holidays for your home interiors is also possible. This does not necessarily mean that you need to make just one décor. But, try on putting plain accents and not showing too many items. It is not as much as the previous décor, yet this can still make your space a decorative one. 

Your Christmas Trees Provider – Fireplace Doors Online 

Greetings for this is the season to be jolly! 

Welcome to Fireplace Doors Online. We are the provider of many seasonal and holiday home décor products, including Christmas accents. Get ready for this holiday season by transforming your lovely home with these stylish and quality pieces! Our materials and design are top-notching that you must have. Don’t miss the chance and get now. 





-     Fraser Fir Pre-lit Tree 

-     Carolina Fir Pre-lit Tree 

-     Noble Fir Pre-lit Tree 

-     Balsam Fir Pre-lit Tree 

-     Douglas Fir Pre-lit Tree 

-     Brighton Fir Pre-lit Tree 

-     Winchester Fir Pre-lit Tree 

-     Hawthorne Fir Pre-lit Tree 

Also, available: 

-     Winchester Fir Pre-lit Walkaway Tree 

-     Douglas Fir Pre-lit Table Top Tree 

If you are 100% interested and still got questions, dial 888-986-1535. Feel free to state all your concerns, and we are happy to address it all.



Why having quality made Christmas pieces and accents highly recommended? 

  • Just like the season of Christmas itself, it’s all about quality and great things. Why would you settle with good, if you can have the best? Besides, there are many perks of buying the premium accents for the holidays. So, you don’t have to buy every time.