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Celebrity Fireplaces - Christina Aguilera's bathroom

We'll help you get her glam style look for much, much less!

 Dec 1, 2015  Design Ideas

Christina Aguilera - singer, songwriter, and actress, is known for her incredible voice and sense of style. She carries that style over into her home in what she calls a "Gothic, burlesque, and Hollywood" style. She put her house up on the market in 2012, letting us get a peek at that gorgeous home of hers. Most of us cannot afford the millions of dollars to purchase her home, but Fireplace Doors Online can show you how you create a look similar to hers with your fireplaces, at just a fraction of the cost!

Christina Aguilera - Bathroom Fireplace Makeover

1. Christina Aguilera's bathroom fireplace is a zero clearance fireplace.

2. Christina Aguilera's fireplace doors replaced with the Belmont from Fireplace Doors Online

3. Christina Aguilera's fireplace with a wooden mantel

1. First when we look at Christina's fireplace in her bathroom, we can see that it is a zero clearance fireplace by the black metal that surrounds it. If you have a zero clearance fireplace, then this is the diy tutorial for you!

2. Our fireplace door that would best match that of Christina's fireplace is the Belmont. It comes in an antique brass finish, just like hers. Measure your firebox to make sure this fireplace door will fit yours. If you are unsure on how to properly measure for a fireplace door, we can help you with this handy guide.

3. To get a mantel that looks similar to Christina's, we'd suggest going with CJ's Hearth and Home's custom wood mantel in a dark stain finish. Mantels can be pricey, but we've found that a mantel made from sturdy, good materials like real wood or cast stone, will last the lifetime of your home. It is an investment in your home, but far, far cheaper than the price of the one in Christina's bathroom.


If you look at the cost of doing our fireplace revamp celeb style, you'll spend under $3,000, as compared to the alternative of over $50,000!

So get DIY'ing and revamp that fireplace in the diva-style of Christina Aguilera! If you do this revamp, we'd love to see photos!

Last updated on December 1st 2015.

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