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Chimney Liner

For many homeowners chimney liners are an irritating necessity for inspections, but the truth is that they really are important for keeping your home safe and your fireplace efficient. They not only will help your chimney pass inspection, they’ll also ensure that you are maximizing the heat output of your fireplace. 

And, we offer a variety of chimney liner collections and supplies so that you can select what best works for your fireplace and chimney. Mostly we recommend hiring a professional, but we have how-to guides for both installing your chimney as well as what type is ideal for your situation. 

Check out our guides below! We provide the best kids in the industry for chimney liner installation and we’re happy to help you do it! It’s important that your chimney be safe, so in addition to installing a chimney liner, be sure to perform regular chimney maintenance. Check out our maintenance section to see what you can do to maximize your fireplace and chimney today!

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