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Chimney Chase Covers

Water coming in through your chimney is an issue most fireplace owners see. Although it's small amounts, it is important to note that over time this can cause your chimney damage as well as surrounding areas in your home and mold issues. It's important to avoid this at all costs. We supply the perfect resolution to the problem!

Chimney chase covers are made to keep the water from coming into your chimney. They are made to order and customized to fit your chimney chase perfectly in order to have the maximum effect. In order to get the correct size for your chimney, you will need to measure the chimney chase from edge to hole on each side. You will then need to measure the hole's diameter. This will give you an accurate measurement prior to order and installation.





Do these custom products still include free shipping?

  • For the most part, YES. But certain charges may apply depending on the weight of the product if it needs crate shipping, and/ or how far it has to be shipped. We will let you know once your custom quote has been processed if your custom product is still eligible for free shipping.

What is a chase cover on a chimney?

  • A chase cover is a cover made out of metal that goes over your chimney chase preventing water from getting into your chimney. This covers the entire top of your chimney with the exception of the holes to allow venting from your fireplace.

How do you measure for a chimney chase?

  • To measure your chimney chase, you will need to measure each side of the top of your chimney from the edge to the hole. You will also need to measure the diameter of the hole to your chimney. Our chimney chases are customizable to fit your chimney perfectly. If you have more than one hole at the top of your chimney, you will need to measure accordingly.