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Chimney Caps

You’ve finally moved into the new house and everything is perfect.  You’re watching your go-to movie and you hear a suspicious scurrying from around the fireplace. The dog is asleep. The cat is ignoring it. Maybe it’s in your head. 

And then, you see the squirrel. 

He sees you, tears across the living room, and suddenly every buried instinct your pup and kitty have surfaces and they shoot off across the living room after the squirrel like they’re possessed. 

This is why you need a chimney cap! It’s all fun and games until wildlife comes down your chimney and into your home through your fireplace. Animals can do a lot of damage, but investing in a fireplace chimney cap nips that problem in the bud so that you don’t have to worry about the inside of your home or any unpleasantness in the chimney if the animal can’t get back out.

In addition to keeping wildlife wild and outdoors, a high quality chimney cap can also help protect your chimney from damage, such as from water and deterioration. We only sell high quality products, so you can count on our fireplace chimney caps to withstand the test of time with the rest of your home.

While we have you thinking about the chimney, when is the last time you’ve done maintenance to it? It’s important to perform a good chimney cleaning annually and perform general chimney maintenance. Take a quick look at some of our maintenance products and how-to guides to see what you can do to keep your chimney healthy!