7x11 Inch Rectangular Steel Chimney Brush

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Rectangular Steel Chimney Brush

At 7” deep and 11” wide, this Schaefer steel chimney brush is perfect for removing creosote quickly from rectangular vents and masonry chimneys with 90° corners. The brush is handmade with professional craftsmanship, bristles hand-set onto the center spindle.  The spindle is then twisted to form a double spiral configuration. This creates extra motion when in use, cleaning efficiently. The 3/4" loop on one end and the 1/4" pipe thread on the other are perfect for pull rings and fiberglass rods.

A steel brush is not recommended for insulated chimneys or stainless steel venting material. Steel can cause damage to some flue components. Consult your heater’s owner’s manual for more information.

This high quality showroom model is available to you at a great price, ready to ship in one business day.

  • Chimney Brush
Features & Benefits:
  • The spiral brush pattern makes cleaning easy, cutting through soot and creosote quickly.
  • The top loop can be attached to a hanger, making storage simple.
  • Rectangular shaped bristles makes it possible to clean the 90° in rectangular chimney vents, giving your chimney a more thorough cleaning.
  • Cleaning your chimney is a crucial part of maintaining it, preventing dangerous fires.
  • Proudly made in the USA.
Brush Dimensions: 7 x 11 inches
Brush Material: Steel

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