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Charcoal Grills

When it comes to the best taste of outdoor cooking, nothing can beat the smoky flavor charcoal grills bring.


How long does it take charcoal to heat up?

  • Depending on the conditions and quality of the charcoal, the coals can take 15-30 minutes. They need to be glowing red hot before you start grilling.

Why won't my charcoal light?

  • Charcoal briquettes won't light if they are wet. If they are dry and you are still experiencing trouble getting the charcoal to light within a short time, then they might no longer be usable. Expired, so to say. 

How do I control the heat of my charcoal grill?

  • Many charcoal grills have vents to control the flow of air into the grill. The wider the vents are open, the more air feeding the embers, the hotter the fire will be. 
  • The vents should always be open as wide as possible when first igniting the charcoal.