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6-Light Delray Chandelier

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6-Light Ellicott Chandelier

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3-Light Bamboo Nest Chandelier

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5-Light Sheena Chandelier

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3-Light Weaverton Chandelier

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4-Light Starlight Chandelier

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6-Light Cast Iron Chandelier in Weathered Zinc
6-Light Cast Iron Chandelier in Weathered...

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12-Light Congruency Chandelier

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3-Light Cubic Glass Chandelier

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5-Light Equilibrium Chandelier

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6-Light Oriah Chandelier

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5-Light Christina Chandelier

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6-Light Globes of Light Chandelier

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8-Light La Rochelle Chandelier

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6-Light Bradington Chandelier

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5+5-Light Cambridge Chandelier

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Things to Know When Buying a Chandelier

Chandeliers have been around for a very long time! Why not add a modern style chandelier to your home decor and add even more style to your indoor setting! But before you cement any buying decisions in stone, read through our list below to make sure you're getting the right piece for your space.


This one is probably the easiest, as you may very well already know what room you want the chandelier in and how you want to match it to the existing decor. For high-class, luxury styles, we have glass designs and crystal shapes. For rustic, country, and cozy vibes, try lantern style, wagon wheel, or drum chandeliers. 


Chandeliers come in more shapes than the classic empire design of royal ballrooms and presidential suites. There are round, drum chandeliers, linear island chandeliers, and sphere cage shapes. Those with long, vertical shapes are best for spaces with high ceilings. Try an island chandelier over the breakfast table or kitchen island.


ALWAYS consider the weight of the chandelier you're buying and the structure of the room can support it. You don't want it to come crashing down on the table in the middle of dinner.

When calculating the overall size of the chandelier, begin with finding what diameter would be best for the room. Measure the length and width (square footage) of the room the chandelier will be hanging in. Add the footage of the measurements together, let's say 16 feet plus 8 feet. This would equal 24 feet. Now here's where it gets a little confusing but ignore the measuring unit of feet and just replace it with inches. No converting. Just 24 feet = 24 inches. So the maximum diameter of a chandelier in a 24 square foot room should be 2 feet/ 24 inches. The only exception to this rule is if it will hang over a table. Then it should never be wider than the table it is lighting.

Next, measure the room height and multiple is by 2.5 (ex 11ft x 2.5= 27.5 inches) Use this equation to find the max height the chandelier. This doesn't include how far it hangs from the ceiling. Just the height of the chandelier itself.

Speaking of hanging height, if the chandelier is to be hung above an island or dining table, there should be 30-36 inches of space between it and the table. If it is to hang in an area where people are walking under it, keep it at least 7 feet up from the floor. 


Reading Chandeliers aren't just for dining areas anymore. Try a chandelier over your bed or in the foyer to instantly wow your guests as soon as they come through the door. 

Fireplace Doors Online gives you high-grade home products such as chandeliers for your indoor lighting. Having a wonderful chandelier light, it can make your room more attractive and fresh looking! Contact us today so we can help you choose your chandelier today.