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Design Ideas

Fireplace Doors Online helps you design your dream fireplace.

Fireplace Doors Online will help you design your dream room, centered around your fireplace.  

You don't need a 3.9 million dollar home to have a gorgeous fireplace like the posh princess with the perfect pucker!  Find out how to get flames over crystal just like Kylie Jenner has in her living room, but for much less!!

Our steel mantel shelves are so strong they can hold the weight of an average person! Made from heavy duty steel by American craftsman, these mantel shelves come in all different sizes and styles. A great addition to any fireplace - from your outdoor fireplaces to your small electric ones - these metal mantel shelves can top any fireplace with style!

In just five steps you can transform your pre-fab fireplace from drab to fab! We provide instructions, product ideas, and even recipes for all-natural cleaners to help you out!

If you’re in love with the idea of a fireplace but live in a place that doesn’t have one, you may feel you have to go without until you own your own home. That's not true though! Our electric fireplaces are a great choice when it comes to getting the charm of a fireplace without offering your landlord a bundle to renovate your rental for you.

Fireplace Doors Online helps you recreate M. Night Shyamalan's fireplace! From the twists we’ve seen in his films, we don’t expect any less with his fireplace; it’s in his master bath! Not as sharp a twist as you find in his movies, but a twist nonetheless. You can bring this elegance into your home without the hefty price tag and a few revisions.

While fireplaces are one of the oldest methods for heating a room, they still look sleek and modern in your home. In fact, fireplaces can act as the focal point for décor and set the scene for the rest of the space. However, there are a few key elements to achieving that modern look. Not just any set of fireplace doors or mantel will do. Here are a few ways you can make a modern fireplace for your home.

Learn how easy it is to take your prefab fireplace from drab to fab.  Cover those unsightly louvers in a safe and coded way with a fireplace refacing at Fireplace Doors Online.

Find out how easy it is to design a whole new look for your fireplace - with just a few clicks! 

Michael J. Fox has a classic style - and we've got the details on how to make your fireplace look like his classic one!

Get the look of Giorgio Armani's Swiss chalet dining room fireplace. We'll show you how to create the look, but safer!

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