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Celebrity Fireplaces - Michael J. Fox's New England Fireplace

We'll help you get some of his classic style - but for much less!

 Dec 15, 2015  Design Ideas

Michael J. Fox is a name most of us recognize either because of his film career or the Michael J. Fox Foundation— the organization he founded to find a cure to Parkinson's. Regardless if you know him as Marty McFly from Back to the Future or as the face of the fight against Parkinson's, you probably love his style. Michael J. Fox has a beautiful home in New England that has a classic style with modern accents blended in beautifully. While most of us probably can't afford the price tag attached to his home, you can afford fireplace by shopping with FireplaceDoorsOnline!

Michael J. Fox - Living Room Fireplace - Get The Look For Less!

1. Michael J. Fox's New England classic fireplace.

2. Design Specialties Forged Iron Fireplace Door For Masonry Fireplaces

3. Design Specialties Zero Clearance Door in Prairie Style

1. Mr. Fox's New England masonry fireplace has a lovely arch fireplace door surrounded by stone. We've got a great selection of both masonry and zero-clearance fireplace doors that can mimic the style and feel of this celebrity fireplace, but for thousands less than an exact replica!

2. For a masonry fireplace, we'd suggest the Madrid Fireplace Door. This isn't an arched fireplace door, but with curved designs built into the door, it has the same feel of an arched fireplace door without hefty installation costs. Be sure to talk to one of our customer service agents to make sure that this fireplace door will work with your fireplace!

3. If your fireplace is a zero-clearance fireplace, our Prairie Direct Vent Screen and Operable Door is a great choice! This is a great affordable option as this resurfacing is much less expensive than an entirely new door setup, but you can achieve a similar Old World look while hiding any unsightly metal surrounding your fireplace.



Last updated on December 15th 2015.

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