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Celebrity Fireplaces - Giorgio Armani's Dining Room

We'll show you how to get his contemporary fireplace look - but much safer!

 Dec 3, 2015  Design Ideas, Safety & Maintenance

Giorgio Armani - Italian fashion designer and clothier of the world's wealthiest and most famous people, has a keen sense of modern style that no one can recreate ... until now! Fireplace Doors Online has decided to take on the huge feat of recreating Armani's sleek and modern dining room fireplace in his Swiss chalet. Armani enjoys the Asian style, with the geometric shapes and crisp lines that run throughout his chalet. We'll take that design aesthetic, and run with it! And, although Armani may be the guru of style and design, all safety precautions were not thought out when it came to his dining room fireplace. We'll explore how you can get the look of his fireplace - but in a MUCH safer way.

Giorgio Armani - Dining Room Fireplace Makeover

1. Giorgio Armani's dining room fireplace is a safety hazzard.

2. Giorgio Armani's unsafe wood mantel replaced with a steel mantel

3. Giorgio Armani's fireplace with the Kingston fireplace door

1. One of the first things that we noticed when we saw Giorgio Armani's dining room fireplace in his Swiss chalet, was the major fire hazard. Armani has a wooden mantel around his deep set fireplace. Now, many people have wooden mantels, and that is fine, but if you look at the way the mantel butts right up against the fireplace, you can see where issues may arise. Fireplaces get hot. Really hot. Wood is combustible. According to the NFPA (the safety standards people for chimneys, fireplaces, vents, and solid fuel-burning appliances), any combustibles must be at least 6 inches away from the fireplace opening. If the combustible material above the fireplace projects more than 1.5" from the opening, it must be at least 12" away from the fireplace (page 33 of the NFPA 211). That means Armani's fireplace mantel should be at least 12 inches from the top of his fireplace, which it is not. Fireplace Doors Online has some great suggestions to get a look similar to Armani's, but in a safe way.

2. The first thing we must do is get a mantel and surround that would mimic the look of Armani's. We carry a line of contemporary, sleek steel fireplace mantels and surrounds. Because our steel mantels are not combustible, they can be placed close to the fireplace. We suggest, though, that you use a fireplace surround around your fireplace door, and have the mantel be a little larger. This ensures that your steel mantel won't become discolored over time from the heat of the fire. Stoll's steel mantel and fireplace surround in a weathered brown would be the perfect look to replicate the style of Giorgio Armani.

3. To finish off the Armani fireplace look, you'll need a contemporary and sleek fireplace door. The All Glass Legend fireplace door will give your fireplace that modern Armani style, while allowing the clearest and largest viewing area for you to see your fire.


Our Armani style fireplace is not only much cheaper than the one in Giorgio's chalet, but also much, much safer.

Go grab your tape measure and jot down the measurements of your firebox and give us a call! Ordering your fireplace mantel, surround, and glass door today means you'll be able to recreate Armani's contemporary fireplace in your home even sooner!!

If you do this revamp, we'd love to see photos!

Last updated on December 3rd 2015.

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