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Celebrity Fireplaces - M. Night Shyamalan's Bathroom

His movies terrify you, but his fireplace enchants you!

 Nov 10, 2016  Design Ideas

Cast stone mantelBiscayne Glass screenM. Night Shyamalan is a screenwriter, director, and producer known for his mind-boggling plot twists and supernatural themes. In Pennsylvania, Shyamalan and his wife bought an estate reminiscent of his popular film The Village. His home is tucked away just like the village in the movie and gives you a centuries-old feel once you're on the grounds.

From the twists we’ve seen in his films, we don’t expect any less with his fireplace; it’s in his master bath! Not as sharp a twist as you find in his movies, but a twist nonetheless. You can bring this elegance into your home without the hefty price tag and a few revisions.

Fireplace Doors Online endeavors to recreate Shyamalan's "twist" of a fireplace, with our affordable options. Whether you want your fireplace in your master bath, or dining room, these options are perfect for starting the recreation.

Recreate the look of M Night Shyamalan's Bathroom Fireplace!


  1. Choosing the right mantel is most important in this minimalist design. Our Cast Stone Mantels give your fireplace the sleek all-white style of Shyamalan's master bath. 
  2. With some simple heat resistant paint, you can paint the inside of your fireplace white and get the sleek, modern look of the Shyamalan fireplace in no time.
  3. Shyamalan doesn't use a fireplace door or screen from what we see, but for your safety, wood burning fireplaces need a screen to catch any sparks given off by popping wood. Our Biscayne Modern Fireplace Screen with the matte black powder coat and clear glass option, will protect your floors while keeping the same chic style. It also keeps children or pets from getting too close to the open flames. 

Whether you prefer to adorn your mantel with family photos, framed artwork, or vases filled with flowers, don’t forget to add your own personal touch to your fireplace!

Although our fireplace isn't an exact match to M. Night Shyamalan's, it is a similar rendition.  You'll get the the look of his, but with your own taste and style added in!

Last updated on November 10th 2016.


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