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The Ultimate Decor Guide to Ceiling Designs

Stop, look, and ceiling!

The ceiling is considered by many home designers as an important element in your space. When updating your ceiling and adding an elegant ceiling design can really bring out the style and design of any room.

There’s another misconception upon renovating ceilings, and that is the cost. We can help you renovate your ceiling and it's budget-friendly! We offer modern tech and lots of alternative materials that will save your wallet. Choosing a smooth drywall surface for your ceiling can definitely save you money and the best part is that you can paint it any way you like to match your home decor!

But for those who wanted to try to be more creative, there’s more to ceiling décor than traditional flat drywall. Today, there are many decorative ideas that you might want to consider for your own home. All of them are fantastic!

How to Style Your Ceiling?

4 Main Design Ideas for Ceiling Décor + 2 More Bonus Styles to Consider!

Traditional Flat Drywall Ceiling – Well, of course, the timeless home option

The Look and Style

As stated, it is the simplest ceiling decor possible. It is a flat, plain and unembellished ceiling constructed with drywall panels. At times, these are painted or covered with texture and grain.

The Process

The installment and creation procedure depends on if you choose to do a traditional flat drywall ceiling. For starters, the dried sheets need to be attached directly to the ceiling joists above. Layers and seams between the sheets are filled with drywall compound. It must be sanded down flat. Then lastly, the fine and detailed edges of the ceiling will meet effortlessly within the walls.

Home Décor Advantage

This traditional design is the right choice if you're looking for a quick budget-friendly option. Aside from the price, the guise and look of your ceiling will visually enhance your room.

Partial Drop Ceiling – Modern Vibe for a Modern Home

If you're looking for a border without walls, then this design and ceiling décor idea it the one for you!

The Look and Style

 In this design, one segment and division of the ceiling drops lower than the surrounding main ceiling. It will result in a no wall but with a border look.

The Process

During the remodeling process of a partial drop ceiling, you would use a retroactive process. This means that your home's "second ceiling" can be assembled of drywall or timber and hold with scaffolds. It can also result in a featured portion in the original construction for a new house or major room addition. 

Home Décor Advantage

Partial droppings on your ceiling allow your home to give off a distinctly modern vibe. Aside from a chic look, this can hide lower fixtures across areas like the living room or kitchen. 

Exposed Beam Ceiling – Achieve the early 20th Century Urban look with this design and idea.

Improve the look of your ceiling through installing exposed beam ceilings that radiate a modern-vintage aspect.

The Look and Style

 Vintage and city-vibe? Leave it to this ceiling design! Exposed beam ceiling décor is a specific design in which the ceiling is left completely uncovered. With this, it exposes the main support beams, beams, and inlays of the upper area of your home. The bare and wide-open framing portions are usually painted a uniform color like solid or neutral.

The Process 

The ceiling make-over can be created retroactively as well. The first step is removing the existing ceiling covers. You must remember one thing - finding unexpected electrical wires and plumbing pipes! We suggest hiring a professional to assist with the installation of this type of ceiling if you are updating a current ceilinged home.

Home Décor Advantage

This design's outcome produces a fresh and sophisticated look that is perfect for a modern accent!

Tray Ceiling – The More Space, Less Vault Style

If you are looking for an open concept design then a tray ceiling should be considered.

The Look and Style

In this style, the ceiling appears in a "sink" upward position. Through a perimeter division, this tray ceiling design will remain at ordinary ceiling height.

The Process

This type of ceiling idea is created by pulling down the perimeter area with a dropped ceiling. The tray ceiling design works best in rooms and spaces with high ceilings. It lowers the soffit that circles the room and framing it in a box, then is covered with drywall.

Home Décor Advantage

Having a tray ceiling at home creates a cozy and comfy feeling within the interior of your home. It allows indirect lights to be concealed along edges. So, if you like the feeling of a vaulted ceiling but dislike the vaulted appearance, this designs a great alternative.

Other Ceiling Designs to Consider:

The Coffered Ceiling – The Classic European Style Ceiling

The Style and Look

With this design, the ceiling is allocated into smaller squares or rectangles by an outline of raised beams. The individual panels will indeed appear to "sink" upward, just like tray ceilings. The beams that serve as divisions, like sunken panels, can be painted. The color dye needs to be contrasting with the sunken part, or they can be left as unpainted or stained wood.

Home Décor Advantage

A coffered ceiling gives a room an elegant vintage Old English vibe. The most famous area in a home with this kind of decorative ceiling accent is dining rooms and family recreation rooms.

A Vaulted Ceiling – The Comfort Ceiling Style – provides the best space on your upper home area!

The Look and Style

Like the ambiance of retro homes from the ’80s, vaulted ceilings seemed to disappear in most homes. Surprisingly, this style is slowly gaining its fame once again! This type of design allows the finished ceiling exterior to link the profile of the angled roof supports. 

Home Décor Advantage

Vaulted ceilings are popular for cool spaces and other open-concept spots at home. It is a stylish approach that offers a great feeling of space and airiness.

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Ceiling Make-over Accents Offered:

Ceiling Domes

Ceiling Tiles

Coffered Ceiling

Crown Mouldings

Corner Blocks

Crown Moulding System

Faux Wood Box Beams

Faux Wood U Beams

All of our options are decorative and result in a wonderful atmosphere. Here at Fireplace Doors Online, we provide decorative accents for ceilings for any part of your home. Our products have a wide variety of designs and perfect quality. We offer many options as well as custom options. Give us a call at 888-986-1535 with any questions or to place your order today!


How much will it cost to install a new ceiling? 

Just like any other accent or décor for home improvements, the price of a make-over depends on many factors. Factors like materials, design, and other features can change the cost of your items. Reach out to one of our sales professionals today at 888-986-1535 to find out more!