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35" Devon Ceiling Dome

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Decorative Ceiling Domes

Beautify your ceiling by adding something unique and classy. Aesthetic décor like a ceiling dome! This can give your space the “WOW” factor. But first, what is a ceiling dome?

A dome ceiling or ceiling dome is known as an arch. Its structure spins around an axis in the middle within its apex. With this, it creates a hollow upper sphere with a great guise to it. We will tackle related items like the best location for installing it, building it, etc. Let’s get started!

Knowing the Right Spot – Ceiling Domes Décor

The first thing to think about when planning for a dome ceiling is, of course, the location. When thinking about the right spot, you must remember that you need ample space above your ceiling. This will allow you to build your dome ceiling. You must check your preferred location. If you’re having trouble regarding ideas, well, here’s a little tip to you: check out the list below.

The most popular areas to have ceiling dome décor:

  • Foyer or the Lobby (This is the best spot according to many homeowners and manufacturers!)
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom (Yep, it also works in this space of the house.)

Pick the Best Lighting

Fixture lighting and a ceiling dome are considered as a great home accent duo. An excellent illumination can level up the look of your dome ceiling. There are two ways on how you can light and style with your dome ceiling. First is the traditional way, which is putting a chandelier to the dome's central area. While the second one is the inner light ring method, which adds indirect light to your ceiling.

The Building Process

After choosing the right spot and the suited lighting for your dome, you can now begin building it. Don’t worry; it’s simple! All you need to do it follow the simple instructions from the manufacturer’s kit on installing and presto! You can even check out tutorials online for faster learning. Trust us; your dome ceiling will be built in no time and be ready for finishing.

Manufacturer’s Note: The last step of this dome décor journey is finishing – so see to it that all is in an orderly manner. In this way, you can enjoy the new look of your ceilings.

Ceiling Dome Provider – Fireplace Doors Online

Remember, adding design and ornaments to your space is not only for walls or floorings. Try to give your ceiling area a makeover. And one right way to do it is through installing a Ceiling dome. Contact us today at 888-986-1535 and see the deals we offer.




Is it pricey to install a dome ceiling at home?

  • The price of installation depends on what style, design, and materials you wanted for the actual dome. Usually, it cost a little much especially if it’s customizable. However, there are still available mounting deals that one homeowner can choose from that is cheaper.