Hargrove Canyon Wildfire Vented Gas Log Set

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Canyon Wildfire Gas Log


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E-Burner H-Burner
Match Lit Cool Mount Manual Safety Pilot Cool Mount Safety Pilot With On/Off Remote Variable Flame Height Valve With Remote Electronic Ignition System
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This gas log set is exactly what you need to bring the campfire indoors without burning the house down! Hargrove, one of our favorite brands to provide to you, has done it again by creating a gas log set that is as beautiful as it is functional. The smallest set, which comes in at 21”, comes with 10 logs that you can arrange and rearrange as many times as you’d like. The logs, each of which is hand painted so that they look realistic, are molded to look like real wood. But, unlike real wood, these logs won’t burn up! You can avoid chopping your own wood or buying it for years to come. And, just like real wood, these logs continue to radiate heat after they’ve been shut down. As they cool down you can stay warm!

This kit also comes with two great choices in burner pans, a custom grate to put your logs on, and fire media that’ll accent your fire while also disguising the hardware used to bring your beautiful fireplace to life. The burners, depending on the size and type that you choose, put off at minimum 46,000 BTU and as much as 78,600 BTU—that’s a lot and will keep you warm when it’s not so warm outside! If you install this log set on your indoor fireplace you also get a lifetime warranty on the logs, five year limited warranty on the burner and grate, and a two year warranty on the other accessories! If anything goes wrong, you’re covered!

We sell fireplace doors, but we specialize in fire period. When you browse our website and our family of sites you can see the vast array of products that we help bring our customers. If it’s a fire you want, we can provide! And, we do it safely too. We won’t sell you anything that we wouldn’t feel comfortable putting in our own home and having our family around. That’s an assurance that most companies can’t provide because most companies don’t sell products designed to last a lifetime and be safe. Shop with us and let us show you how a company that actually cares treats you.

What you will get with your log set:

  • Burner Pan, either the E-Burner with a single pipe or the H-Burner for a rich glowing ember bed
  • Custom 5/8" grate to place logs on
  • Silica sand or Vermiculite depending on fuel type
  • Embers to create glowing flames on bed of burner pan
  • Volcanic Cinders to spread around the log set
  • Black non-whistling flex connector
  • 21" Sets come with 10 logs; 24" Sets come with 13 logs, 30" Sets come with 14 logs.
  • Approvals; RGA-2-72, ANSI Z21.84 and PFS
  • E-Burner: NG or LP; 70,000-90,000 BTUs (NG depending on size); 46,000-78,600 BTUs (LP depending on size)
    H-Burner: NG or LP; 67,000-87,000 BTUs (NG depending on size); 52,000-76,000 BTUs (LP depending on size)

Why Hargrove Concrete Logs Are Better

  • Unmatched beauty and detail.
  • The molding process creates natural wood textures derived from real logs
  • Careful, hand-painted highlighting gives color variations for a more natural look.
  • Hargrove logs use 2 to 9 different highlight colors, depending upon the log style.
  • When shutdown, the logs continue to radiate warmth as they slowly cool, much like a real wood fire dying down.

Gas Log Sizing Chart

Warning! Please note that all vented gas log sets can only be installed in a fully functional wood burning fireplace.

Most of our Hargove log sets and valves are in stock and can be shipped out in 48-72 hours. I might take a little longer in the busy season between October and March.

Manufacturer's Warranty:

  • Hargrove gas log sets carry a lifetime limited warranty on the logs, in the fireplace which they were originally installed. 
  • Five year limited warranty on burners and grates. 
  • Two year limited warranty on valves, pilots and other accessories.  
  • Log sets installed in outdoor applications carry a one year limited warranty.



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