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All About Home Decor - The Wonder Ways of Making Candles

Many of you already know that candles are elegant additions to a home. Aside from providing light across your house space, these pieces can also be a great home décor. Not to mention its other offered functions such as heating, relaxation, and more. Usually, candles are made of materials like wax, wick, and other quality components. However, pretty sure that at some point, you’re curious about what is the process of making one, right? Well, worry not because we are all going to discuss it here. Let’s get this thing started! 

Making Candles 101 

The art of making candles is not complicated. To begin with, yet the process alone is filled with such delicateness. It is filled with great history. The method or methods of making candles are somehow preserved. No complaints on that because, as of today, these pieces' quality is still on point. To explain further, check out this rundown list of classic and modern courses of making candles. After reading this, it is assured that you will be amazed and go on for candles shopping! 

  • The Dip & Stretch Process. Want nice round shaped candles with smooth surfaces and housing? Leave it all to the dip and stretch process. Even though it is the most traditional candle-making method, a lot of manufacturers are still using it. Amazingly, they combined it with modern-day technology like teaming it up with machines which are way faster. 
  • The Pouring Process. The method that is used to produce huge sized candles for churches. In this process, the liquefied wax will be poured along with a spoon or container. The “spoon pouring” will only stop until you have reached the desired size of the candle. 
  • The Pressing Process. Remember the part when we stated that there modern methods of making candles? This is one of them. Through this up-to-date process, one person can produce sets of candles in one go. 

Which one of these piques your interest? All of them? Take a good note on this – each mentioned method results in providing quality made candles. Traditional or modern way, both are capable of making candle lights functional and decorative. It only depends on where you will buy it and how you will style it. Luckily, we got lovely candle items to offer here in Fireplace Doors Online. 


Your Candlesticks Provider – Fireplace Doors Online 

Now, ready to add some warm tone within your space? Try putting on accents like candles to set a nice ambiance that you will enjoy. Check it all out here at Fireplace Doors Online. If you got any confusion – don’t hesitate to call us at 888-986-1535. 



Are modern tech versions of candle making methods not as good as the traditional ones?

  • In candle making, it is only a fact that a lot of people still trust traditional methods over modern courses. Classic processes like dipping and manual pouring are still the best ways to provide quality candles. However, that doesn’t mean that the modern versions cannot give quality candles too. There many manufacturers today that are tops in the industry due to their up-to-date ways of candle making.