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Everything You Need to Know About Gas Logs Buying Guide

 Jan 20, 2020    Outdoor Living, Inside the Firebox, Easy Gas Fireplaces

Buying Gas Logs: What You Need to Know

Gas logs have the look of natural wood without the extensive clean up.
Gas logs are perfect if you can’t easily get firewood or you just prefer the ease of very little maintenance.

Have you always wished you could have a fireplace without the hassles that come with a wood-burning one? Have you ever heard of a fireplace with gas logs?

Gas logs are an excellent replacement for wood-burning fireplaces. In this guide, we’ll explain exactly what they are and how they can help make life so much easier for you. Take a look below!

What are Gas Logs?

You can use gas logs for fireplace designs of any kind. Gas logs offer the same ambiance as a regular fireplace but remove much of the trouble associated with handling wood.

Both indoor and outdoor gas logs can be customized to appear like any type of wood you like. That being said, gas logs are not actually made from wood. They’re actually made from ceramic, at least most of the time. The ceramic even has a higher heat tolerance than wood, causing the logs to last quite some time.

Types of Gas Logs

Vented Gas Logs

Gas logs for fireplace types vary from vented to ventless. The vented variety looks far more realistic than ventless gas logs. They provide yellow flames and smoke, just like a regular fireplace.

The downside for using vented gas logs is they require a chimney to remove the carbon monoxide created by the flames. This means you will still have the typical level of maintenance associated with a regular fireplace.

Ventless Gas Logs

Ventless gas logs, on the other hand, keep and distribute heat through the room extremely well. They do not look as realistic as vented gas logs and they are more expensive. However, they require little to no maintenance work at all! Ventless gas logs are also more fuel-efficient which saves you money in the long run. This can balance out their additional initial cost.

Advantages of Outdoor Gas Logs Over Wood Burning

Lower Maintenance

Gas logs do not require certain forms of maintenance that wood burners need. For a start, there’s no wood to shift around. Not only that, but you won’t need to bother cleaning up ash or dirt left from them.

Of course, there will still be some residue from the logs, but it won’t be as difficult to handle as the typical fireplace would be.


Grand Canyon Arizona Juniper Kiva Vented Gas Fireplace Logs
Firewood has to be seasoned in order to burn properly and it's important to not only know what kind of firewood you need but also the terminology that goes with it so you don't buy too much or too little.

Outdoor gas logs are much safer to use than wood logs because you can control how they burn. A wood fire is quite erratic and can end up burning much brighter than you wanted if not properly stoked.

Gas logs do not have this problem. All you have to do is adjust the flame setting to the desired level and you’re away!


Gas logs for fireplace types are actually much warmer than typical fireplaces as well. Since you can control the level of heat and you don’t even necessarily need a vent if using ventless gas logs, you can contain the heat much more efficiently.


Last, but certainly not least, gas logs are much cheaper. The initial cost of gas logs may be higher than a load of wood. However, the lack of replacement wood and controlled use of gas does save you a bunch over the years.

If you think that outdoor gas logs are a thing for you to take advantage of, then go check out our gas log options today!

Still not sure? If you’ve got questions about our ventless or vented gas log sets, we’d be happy to help! There are a few ways you can contact us—we’re always happy to answer a phone call or email, and there’s also social media! Hit us up on Facebook, or you can take advantage of our Ask Chris feature!

Last updated on January 23rd 2021.


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