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Bowls | Fire & Water | Scupper Bowls | Planters For You

Our selection of bowls to be used as Fire Bowls, Fire and Water Bowls, Scupper Bowls and Planter Bowls come in various materials and sizes and engineered to stand up to the weather. We always recommend covers, if available, for the off season, especially if you are in an area that will freeze.

The fire bowls come in many styles, sizes and colors insuring that you get the perfect fire bowl for your space.

The fire and water bowls with all the styles, sizes, material and colors are perfect for the pool area or other backyard water feature or pond.

The scupper bowls are another beautiful water feature that can be used alone and  also be paired with a planter for a beautiful display.

The planters offer many beautiful sizes and shapes to be used alone or with your fire, fire & water or water feature.

Lava rock, lava stones/coals and fire glass are a great way to finish off your project.