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Fire and Water Bowls | Fire Bowls | Planters | Scuppers

Next to fireplaces, our passion lies with bowls. And not just any bowls, but ones that are designed to enhance the outdoor living space of our customers and last for many years of enjoyment. We believe that the time you spend outdoors should always be enjoyable. Your patio and poolside areas should be as amazing as the rest of your home regardless if you plan to stay for the next several decades or are getting it ready for someone else to call home.

Our high quality bowls are made out of a variety of materials and unlike other places, they are made to order. Your bowl isn’t sitting on a warehouse shelf somewhere waiting for someone to pick it up and spray paint it the color you choose. Learn more about how our specially made concrete bowls are created!

We have a lot of options when it comes to our fire bowls! Not everyone has the same taste in size, shape or color and it’s important to us that our customers find the perfect fire and water bowl for their needs. Check out some of our styles:

  • The Marseille Series. These bowls are the height of simplistic elegance. A wide concrete bowl, they are nearly flat on the bottom without any extra embellishments on the bowl. A fire bowl from this series is perfect for your modern outdoor décor. 
  • The Avalon Series. Regardless if it’s fire or water, these bowls are beautiful! Square with rounded edges, they come in not only concrete, but also metal options. These American made gas bowls are a great choice if you want something square, but without too many sharp angles. 
  • The Maya Series. These bowls are gorgeous! Possibly named after the Mayan pyramids, these concrete and metal scupper bowls look like inverted pyramids with sleek lines and a simplistic design. Any one of our maya bowls are the perfect choice for your contemporary outdoor space.  

Cazo Copper Bowl with Water Spillway Marseille American Fyre Designs fire bowl Maya Square Concrete Scupper Bowl 
Avalon Copper Fire & Water BowlFire bowl installation diagramFire bowl components overviewOptional key valve upgrade for fire bowlsFire bowl installation WITH key valveFire bowl installation with NO key valveBowl Clearance
Avalon Copper Fire & Water Bowl by Top Fires

The customizations don’t stop at bowl shape, but color too! In addition to copper, stainless steel and even wood options, you also have concrete. Our concrete and glass fiber reinforced concrete bowls have a variety of colors that you can request including black, grey, vanilla and even colors like metallic pearl! What makes our fire and water bowls so special is that when someone orders their unique scupper bowl, artisans mix the color of choice into the concrete before pouring it into the reusable mold. Time may chip away a little bit here and there at your bowl, but it won’t lose its color because of it!

With fire bowls in particular you need to hide the gas components that make your fire bowl stunning. What better way to do that than with fire media? Our fire media is specially designed to handle the heat of the flame so you can count on having a beautiful fire feature without worrying about it catching on fire or melting.  Check out your fire media options:

  • Fire Glass. Our smallest bags are 25 pounds and come in 9 gorgeous colors, including a beautiful sunshine mix and reflective blue!
  • Fire Pit Log Set. Though you need to have another fire media with these logs, they are a gorgeous choice if you want something that has a natural look but without the hassle of clean up. We recommend using our lava granules to compliment these beautiful logs.
  • Lava Rock. Ranging from granules up to larger stones, our volcanic media for fire pits makes a great media to help hide your fire fixture while also enjoying the flame.
  • Outdoor Fire Balls. These are great if you want something that departs from the typical! From smaller to larger, or a mix of sizes, you can get these fire balls to complement your modern fire décor and lava granules to help stabilize them. Not only are they concrete, we have stainless steel ones too and even different shapes!
  • Ornaments. These unique fire features are different shapes and are installed directly over the fire burner so that it looks like they are burning too! You’ll need some additional fire media, but these fire ornaments look amazing with a dancing flame!

There are so many options when it comes to an outdoor fire feature and so many ways you can really make it your own. These American made fire bowls are a great choice, and our steel scupper bowl collection can make your poolside amazing. Check out what we can do to help you have a fantastic outdoor space!