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Unique Ways to Style Bowls and Trays at Home

Who would have thought that even bowls and trays today can be a great decorative accessory? Before, they are mainly used for storing different stuff that in high need of the organization. But today, these home items earned their spots as parts of the total visuals of home space. Whether it’s for serving, storage, or gifting, leave it all to these delightful home-wares! 

However, there’s no denying that you will look for ideas to style these accents at some point. Lucky you because in this read, we include ways to use them in a chic and tasteful sense:

Major Ways to Style Decorative Bowls and Trays


Flair up your working area with decorative bowls or trays! You can use them as sophisticated containers for your belongings. Aside from providing you much cleaner space, they will help you style your desk. With this, it will be more inviting to work and all! 


Imagine a lovely bowl made from ceramic along with decorative stones placed at the center part of your dining space. Or a mirror tray as a base for your small potted succulent plant. Well, sounds like a good plan! Dining with such decorations can make your dining area more home-like in feels. Also, you could just use them as storage for knick-knacks or more. 


If there’s one place that you can use both trays and bowls for serving and beautification, that’s the living room! There is no better place to boast such accents than this particular space. You won’t have any trouble making them stylish!

Your Decorative Bowls and Trays Provider – Fireplace Doors Online

Fill your space with aesthetics through your bowls and trays! Bring out your décor skills and make these home pieces doll up your home. Here in Fireplace Doors Online, we offer decorative and quality products such as bowls and trays!

To name a few, we have the following items that you will surely like:

-     Metallic Bowls

-     Wooden Accent Trays

-     Antique Finished Bowls

-     Corona Style Trays

-     Wavy Bowls

-     Round Trays

Mix and match these items with other accent pieces. Complement a classy vibe to your space. All that from Fireplace Doors Online! Mass-produced from quality materials, these are flourishes that can improve the looks of a single or more room.

So, are you ready to shop? Don’t miss your chance and purchase our lovely home accessories today! Just dial 888-986-1535 and feel free to have a chat with us!



Are decorative trays good for serving food as well?

  • It depends. Trays are available in many types with different functions. Usually, it can be decorative and stylish but different from the ones used for serving. However, things changed and manufacturers made serving trays stylish as well.