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Fire Screens and Mesh

Screens and mesh are an important part of any fireplace as they block hazardous sparks and embers while a fire is burning with the fireplace doors open. In this section of our blog, we'll show you how to install mesh curtains into your fireplace, paint your existing mesh curtains, and help you find what type of spark protection best suits your needs. We have screens available for both outdoor fire pits and fireplaces, in a range of colors. We also have safety mesh for industrial machines and architectural mesh for eye-catching, aesthetic commercial features.

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  2. What's the Difference Between Mesh Curtains, Mesh Doors, and Mesh Screens?
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Shop all of our available screens here on Fireplace Doors Online.

  At Fireplace Doors Online, we know what it takes to liven up and make your fireplace stand out. Our collection includes everything from log lighters to futuristic accessories like fireplace spark screens, ember retainers, and so much more. Here is detailed coverage of some of the fireplace accessories and log lighters in our...
If you are looking for high-performance fireplace screens that are built to last, then you are in the right place. We have a large collection of fire screens that you may want to check out. When to adding screens to your fireplace hearth, style is critical. You want to add a touch of beauty to your fireplace while also protecting your...

Customers have loved our Easy Fireplace Glass Door Finder so much that we decided to make one for mesh and spark protection! In 2 easy steps, we’ll guide to the right mesh for your fireplace using visual examples, and then direct you to the appropriate category.

Are you looking to add spark protection to your new fireplace door? Or contemplating between a mesh door and standing fireplace screen for your wood burning fireplace? Find out what makes mesh curtains, doors, and screens different from each other and which type of spark protection best fits with your fireplace.

Wondering how to paint fireplace mesh or how to refinish an old fireplace screen? In our latest how-to video by the experts here at Fireplace Doors Online, see just how simple it is to paint a fireplace mesh curtain DIY-style! 

There's nothing quite like the enjoyment of a fire in your own backyard! Gathering close to feel the warmth of the vibrant flames while you and your loved ones reminisce together under the starlit night is the perfect end to a long summer day. What makes your backyard bonfire even more delightful is the ability to experience it safely. A customer recently asked, "Do I need a spark screen for my concrete fire bowl?" We felt that maybe this perfectly legitimate question deserved a little more elaboration! 

Installing a mesh curtain and rod kit onto your masonry fireplace is quite easy when you follow these step by step instructions! With photos showing each step, you'll have your hanging mesh curtain installed in no time!

Safety should be an utmost priority when it comes to your backyard wood burning fire pit. A great way to protect yourself and your loved ones is to utilize a fire pit screen. It's also really important that you have the right kind of screen for your feature. Fireplace Doors Online had some really incredible products that meet local fire codes and can also withstand the extreme temperatures from the flames. This week, we are highlighting our USA-Made fire pit screens, and we'd like to tell you why they are such a terrific investment for your backyard fire pit.