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Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces are growing in popularity for their safety, appealing aesthetics, and environmental friendliness. No harmful carbon emissions, non-renewable fossil fuels, or deforestation involved with these. They are the ultimate zone heater with their coloring changing flames and sparkling fire media. Most models have the option to turn off the blower so you don't have to have the heat going if you want to use the fireplace in the hotter summer months. Most of the electric fireplaces we offer are built-in, wall mounts but we do have a few freestanding and even see-thru product options.

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Indoor fireplaces are a stunning focal point to any home. Restoring or adding one in your humble abode is a fantastic way to enhance its cozy factor during the winter season. Not only does it provide a warm ambiance but boost your home's value as well.

Thinking about adding a hip and efficient electric fireplace to your home or apartment? Join Fireplace Doors Online as we explore the beauty and benefits of linear and wall mount electric fireplaces! We answer some of your frequently asked questions about our Modern Flames and Amantii products in this informative blog article about indoor/outdoor electric fireplaces.

If you’re in love with the idea of a fireplace but live in a place that doesn’t have one, you may feel you have to go without until you own your own home. That's not true though! Our electric fireplaces are a great choice when it comes to getting the charm of a fireplace without offering your landlord a bundle to renovate your rental for you.

If you don’t already have a fireplace in your home, you are probably thinking that it would be a costly addition. Accessing the chimney or setting up a gas line – the expenses could add up quickly. Electric fireplaces solve all of those worries, but still offer the desired look and feel of wood burning or gas fireplaces. Safe for condos, apartments, bedrooms, indoors or outdoors, electric fireplaces are a popular option for both safety and affordability. Here’s why you should invest in a linear electric fireplace.