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Blind Corner Solutions for Kitchen Renovation Ideas

There are spaces inside any kitchen that are far from being functional. The blind corner cabinet is a type of cabinet placed between two rows of base cabinets where the other row of cabinets hide a part of one of the cabinet’s content. As the name suggests, it can always be found around the corners of your kitchen. Utilize these spaces by installing blind corner cabinets. The blind corner cabinet can maximize your space and give a little extra to your kitchen. Make use of that blind corner to your advantage.

Some solutions to blind corner problems are the following:

Lazy Susan

Homeowners can easily deal with blind-corners by installing a revolving tray known as “lazy Susan.” There is a variety of styles of a lazy Susan that all involve a rotating platform. If you are into simple designs, then a Lazy Susan is the right cabinet for you. 

Half Susan/ Half Moon Shelves

The features of the half susan also known as a half-moon shelf, are that they are a portion of the size of a lazy Susan and are great for those small cabinet spaces. The half-moon shelf is made to swing out toward you rather than have a full spin. They are great for those small cabinets, spices, as well as those random items you keep in your kitchen.

Diagonal Cabinets

Another way of dealing with blind-corners is through diagonal cabinets. This type of cabinet is considered to be one of the simplest ways to maximize hidden corners. If you are looking for flawless cabinets, then add diagonal cabinets to your list. 

Pull-Out Drawers

Choosing corner drawers can showcase the creativity of your kitchen. It can be in an odd shape or a regular pull-out drawer. One of the features of this type of drawer is having more space by having a longer drawer. Thus, giving more space for more kitchen wares than your average drawer. 

Discovering your organizational skills sometimes depend on tools available in your home. Purchasing home organizers should not be viewed as purchasing another non-essential item. Treat your kitchen as an area in the house where cleanliness and orderliness should always be observed. Maximizing space has never been so easy!

Especially if you have a limited spaced kitchen, blind Cabinet installation in your kitchen can be a space saver. It allows you to improve the movement and functionality of your kitchen. Blind cabinet offer you ease in organizing your kitchen items. Also, cost-effectiveness is an advantage of having these cabinets installed.

Are you ready to take the next steps? Fireplace Doors Online offers various types of blind corner cabinets at a great price! Call us today to place your order or with any questions at 888-986-1535.


Is it possible to install blind cabinet pull-outs to already installed cabinet?

  • Yes. You just need to review the dimensions so as to make sure that there will be no unexpected problem.