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Blazing Pecan Gas Log

Blazing Pecan Vented Gas Log Set

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Not needed for the electronic ignition.

The Blazing Pecan vented gas fireplace logs set offers gorgeous, realistic, hand painted logs that are molded and fashioned after real wood. When you run your fingers over the fireplace gas logs, you can feel the grooves and furrows of the textured bark. Note the scorched ends and intense charring on the ridges of these replicas of majestic hardwood.  You'll be impressed with the detail and beauty of these vented gas fireplace logs, both close up and from a distance. Depending on the size you choose, you'll have four to five logs to reorganize for a different look every time you enjoy the flames in your fireplace.

This kit includes more than just the Empire gas logs! First, pick your fuel type. There is a small upcharge for liquid propane for the needed conversion kit. Next, choose from 18 inch, 21 inch, and 24 inch wide sizes. Finally, you can choose between a few ignition and remote options to make getting your fire up and going that much easier! The vented gas log sets includes pan filler, volcanic cinders, and embers that will help accent your log set while disguising the hardware and black, non-whistling flex connector.

Please Note: Vented gas logs must be used in a fireplace that is vented from the firebox through the chimney. The fireplace damper must be kept open during use to allow for appropriate air flow. For your safety, the burner pan and valve must be assembled by a certified gas professional.

Blazing Pecan Vented Gas Log Set Features Product Features:

  • Please see the specs tab for fireplace sizing, and chimney height requirements.
  • Available in three different sizes including: 18 Inch | 21 Inch | 24 Inch 
  • Available as a natural gas or propane burning log set for indoor vented fireboxes only 
  • Carefully hand-painted logs showcase a variety of colors for a more natural look.
  • The molding process creates natural wood textures derived from real logs
  • To ensure years of enjoyment the materials are guaranteed to withstand high temperatures
  • Made from refractory concrete
  • Even after the fire is shut off, the logs continue to radiate warmth as they slowly cool (much like a real wood fire dying down).
  • Steel H burner comes complete with sand or vermiculite (depending on fuel type), volcanic cinders, and glowing embers to create a real ember bed look
  • Burner distributes up to a MAX 80,000 BTUs with the larger sizes.
  • Ignition control options include:
    • Manual On/Off Standing Safety Pilot (CNHB1T5CMT)  with a manual variable flame knob control and a cool mount kit that allows the valve to be mounted on the side of the firebox
    • Manual On/Off Standing Safety Pilot & Hidden Valve Kit (CNHC1T5) with a manual flame height control knob and a concealed valve
    • Electronic, Non-Standing Pilot with Remote Control (CNHB3X5) includes a concealer control cover to hid all components underneath the burner
  • Remote Control options:
    • On/Off Remote Control (AF-LCK)
    • Variable Flame Height Remote Control (AF-SCK)
  • Certified for RGA-2-72, ANSI Z21.84, and PFS!

Blazing Pecan Vented Gas Log Set Specifications Product Specifications:

  • Fuel Type: Natural Gas | Liquid Propane (Upcharge)
  • Log Set Type: Vented Indoor
  • Log Set Style: Blazing Pecan
  • Log Set Width: 18 Inch | 21 Inch | 24 Inch
  • Number of Logs Per Size: 18-21 Inch: 4 Pieces | 24 Inch: 5 Pieces
  • Material: Refractory Concrete
  • Burner Type: H Burner
  • Burner Material: 16 Gauge Steel
  • Ignition Type: Manual On/Off Standing Safety Pilot | Manual On/Off Standing Safety Pilot & Hidden Valve Kit | Electronic, Non-Standing Pilot with Remote Control
  • Remote Options: On/Off Remote Control | Variable Flame Height Remote Control
  • Includes: Logs | Burner Pan | Grate | Valve with Pilot Assembly | Silica Sand (for natural gas) | Embers | Vermiculite (for liquid propane) | Volcanic Cinders | Fittings | Connector
BTU Output Table:


Natural Gas  Liquid Propane
18/ 21  Inch Gas Log Set 57,000 - 70,000 42,000 - 55,000

24 Inch Gas Log Set 

70,000 - 80,000 57,000 - 65,000



Fireplace Sizing Requirements:

Fireplace Dimensions For Manual Ignition


Rear Depth: Height:
18/ 21 Inch Gas Log Sets

23 Inches 

22 Inches 15 Inches 18 Inches
24 Inch Gas Log Set

27 Inches 

25 Inches 15 Inches  18 Inches


*Add 4-6 inches to the fireplace opening for the valve ignition

Chimney Height Requirements:
Factory Built Fireplace - Minimum Free Opening of Damper
(square inches) 
Chimney Height 18/ 21 Inch Log Set 24 Inch Log Set
15 feet 21.2 square inches 26.4 square inches
20 feet 18.1 square inches 22.1 square inches
30 feet

14.5 square inches

17.3 square inches
Masonry Fireplace - Minimum Free Opening of Damper
(square inches) 
Chimney Height 18/ 21 Inch Log Set 24 Inch Log Set
15 feet 32 square inches 37.7 square inches
20 feet 28.8 square inches 34.3 square inches
30 feet 26.5 square inches 31.2 square inches

Product Manual PDF Product Manual: 


blazing pecan vented gas log set video Product Video:


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Manufacturer's Warranty

Our pre-cast concrete bowls are warrantied against manufacturer defects or structural damage for 1 year from the date of delivery. This does NOT include:

  • Using a concrete bowl with a fire. Although the components we have paired with this product have been proven safe to use, these bowls are designed as planters and/or spillway bowls per the manufacturer and are warrantied as such.
  • Failure to use lava rock or fire glass in accordance with our recommendations.
  • Small stress cracks and surface scratches, as these occur naturally in concrete.
  • Damage from fire use, misuse, neglect, vandalism, acts of nature, or subfreezing temperatures.

Negligence to adhere to fire safety requirements and/or misuse of this product will automatically void the warranty.

Warranty Information for additional products that may be added:

  • Burner Kits: 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty
  • Electronic Ignition System: 1 year / 2 year limited manufacturer's warranty
  • Lava Rock & Fire Glass: 90 days manufacturer's warranty

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Last updated on September 9th 2020.

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