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Basics of Outdoor Water Fountains and Their Accessories

Outdoor water fountains look fantastic in almost any setting. Obviously, you need to have a certain amount of room in your outdoor area if you wish to install one. However, that isn’t what we are here to discuss today, is it? 

Today, we will focus mainly on the various water fountain accessories that you may want to improve your experience. Anything from a sponge filter to a sediment screen is incredibly helpful and will boost the performance of your water feature.


Sponge Filter Replacement

One of the first problems you’ll have when using an outdoor water fountain is a dirty filter. Having a sponge filter replacement on hand is highly recommended. Your water fountain should have a filter pre-installed. 

Obviously, you should keep the filter clean as best you can. However, when it reaches a certain point, you will need to replace it in order to keep your water well filtered. Doing so will keep your pump from getting damaged as well.  

Replacement Impeller for Large Mag-Drive Pump

Replacement Impeller

The impeller of your water pump is very important. Its purpose is to keep the water levels healthy. Because of the importance of the impeller, we recommend you keep a replacement on hand. Should anything go wrong with the existing one, you can quickly replace it and continue using your outdoor water feature. 

 Fountain, Sculpture, Water Feature Cover

Water Fountain Cover

It might seem a little strange to cover your water fountain. Why would you need to cover a water fountain from the rain anyway? Actually, the cover is more to protect it from other elements, such as dust and dirt. 

That being said, rain on certain portions of your water fountain may cause rusting or mold if not properly protected. A water fountain cover is great to use during any period where the fountain isn’t active. 

 Generic Automatic Water Fill Kit - 1/2″

Automatic Water Fill Kit

If you find filling and refilling the water in your outdoor water fountain tedious, you should consider installing an automatic water fill kit. The purpose of the kit is to keep your water fountain full to a desirable level. 

Instead of needing to replace the water every so often, the automatic water fill kit will put the water through the filter and retain the optimal level. 

Support Columns - Additional

Extra Support Columns

Should you like a bigger water fountain, you can always buy extra support columns to balance it. There are varying sizes of support columns. You can contact us ahead of time to determine which would work best for you if you need assistance. 

 Polished Pebbles - Striped - 40lb Bag

Polished Pebbles

While polished pebbles don’t add any use to your water fountain, they are aesthetically pleasing. Polished pebbles work in your favor thanks to light reflection in the water. On top of that, your water fountain will look more interesting with these pebbles inside them. 

Typically, you would keep these pebbles around the outside of your fountain. However, putting them inside the water fountain, itself, would also work. 

These polished pebbles are primarily used for fountains and bubblers. The idea is that the pebbles will hide the base of the fountain and make it appear as though the water is returning to the ground as it circulates.

Kink-Free Fountain Hose

Backup Fountain Hose

Your fountain hose is a vital part of the water fountain. Without a backup, you risk springing a leak with no means to fix it. 

A backup fountain hose is incredibly useful to have. You never know when you might need one. Instead of dealing with a leak while looking for a replacement hose, you can simply switch the water off for a few minutes while you swap the hoses. 

Altum-Achelous AquaBox Sediment Screen

Sediment Screen

While outdoor water fountains don’t come with them, sediment screens are incredibly useful. As the name suggests, you can use them to keep sediment from invading your water fountain system. 

The plastic mesh from a sediment screen will block small particles from your system and keep it free from debris. This will reduce the amount of maintenance time you have to spend on the water fountain. 

Light Kit for Vase Fountains

Water Fountain Lighting Kit

There’s nothing better than owning a water fountain that lights up at night. You can set up your lighting kit via a timer to make it even cooler. 

These accessories are all designed to make your outdoor water fountain more efficient and interesting. Check out all the water fountain accessories we have to offer! 

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Last updated on October 4th 2019.


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