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7.5"H Full 55"W Balsam Fir Prelit Tree Wa...
Your guests will feel warmly 
welcomed when they enter your home to 
find this gorgeous, medium 
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9"H Full 61"W Balsam Fir Prelit Tree Warm...
Your guests will feel warmly 
welcomed when they enter your home to 
find this gorgeous, medium 
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Seasonal Décor with Artificial Balsam Fir Prelit Tree

Whether you like or not, having décor within your space during Christmas time will be forever and remain a tradition. Putting on iconic accents like garlands, bells, and seasonal trees during the holidays makes a room magical in a sense. Indeed, it will relive a hearth warming and cherished atmosphere. So, doing a holiday décor shopping is definitely a must as of this moment. There are many amazing products to choose from, but you can always start with the classics.  Introducing Christmas trees featuring Balsam Fir. 

The Beauty of the Balm of Gilead 

A Balsam Fir Holiday Tree is a beautiful evergreen that is offered in natural or non-natural made. It is also known as Abies Balsamea and common material for holiday décor. This has a shade of dark purple that later on changes to an almost greyish brown color. Honestly, both versions are great as a seasonal decoration. For a better understanding, here’s a handy list of pro and cons that you might actually need of knowing: 


The Use of Natural Balsam Christmas Trees 


-     Supporting the Local Industries 

-     Effortlessly Aesthetic 


-     Environmental Effect 

-     Prone to Pests and Allergies 

-     Price 

-     Longevity 

With the said points, it is clear that some people prefer prelit trees for styling their home spaces. Though at some point, there are still fanatics of the natural versions. Speaking of which, here’s for the Pre Lit Trees: 

The Use of Artificial Balsam Christmas Trees 


-     Decorative 

-     Price Friendly 

-     Pest and Mould Free 

-     3 to 10 Years of Warranty  

Whatever your choice will be, know that you must be wise and home smart upon choosing. Definitely, it will lead you to a merry time this holiday season. 

Your Balsam Fir Prelit Tree Provider – Fireplace Doors Online 

Beautify your home this season of magic and sparks! Guess there’s no better way to do it than putting great décor pieces like a non-natural Balsam Fir Tree! Happily, we offer it here at Fireplace Doors Online. Our featured balsam prelit trees are available at sizes 6.5' to 9'. So, quit the waiting game and do your holiday shopping now! Get the best quality and design of prelit trees. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to call us on 888-986-1535! Our home improvement service company has a handy and reliable sales team that is ready to help you. 



What are the different additional accents that you style with an artificial Christmas tree? Is it the same with the actual trees?

  • Bells, garlands, and even lovely lights can be installed and hung on a non-natural holiday tree. Just like the real trees, you can style the same décor with these types of seasonal items.