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B Vent Gas Fireplaces

There’s something retro and yet futuristic about these gas fireplaces! B-vent gas fireplaces operate  little differently from direct vent and ventless fireplaces because they don’t have a sealed combustion chamber. The combustion chamber is where gas is burnt to create heat, but these draft gas fireplaces use the natural buoyancy of heated air to vent gases.  But, how exactly does it work?

B-vent gas fireplaces use the air in your home to help keep the fire going and because hot naturally air rises, it behaves like a regular, wood burning fireplace. The hot air is carried out through the pipe and your fireplace’s chimney. As the fireplace vents the chimney walls get hotter and thus the flue gases exit the chimney faster.

Installation may vary slightly due to building codes, but for the most part B-vent pipes will be installed to the same standards of a masonry chimney. Unlike a masonry chimney though, the pipes can actually run through the walls of your home and safely dispense the gases through a chimney on the roof. It’s a simple design, but one that needs a professional to install it in order to ensure that it meets all code standards.

B-vent fireplaces are a great choice if you are on a remodeling budget! Some homeowners and professionals feel that they are less efficient, but they are a great choice when you are on a budget and are looking for a 1960’s space feel.