Hargrove Aspen Timbers Vented Gas Log Set

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Aspen Timbers Gas Log


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E-Burner H-Burner
Match Lit Cool Mount Manual Safety Pilot Cool Mount Safety Pilot With On/Off Remote Variable Flame Height Valve With Remote Electronic Ignition System
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We love Hargrove vented logs because of how realistically they are made. And, they are durable! The aspen timbers gas log set is a set of realistic looking birch logs that’ll look great in any gas fireplace! What do you get with this set? Let’s start with the aesthetics! Silica sand or Vermiculite comes with the kit, depending on what fuel type you’d like, and so do volcanic cinders! Designed to accent your fire, they offer a great touch to enhance an already lovely log set. And, depending on the set size, you can get from 13 to 16 logs, all of which can be reorganized as many times as you’d like in your fireplace! WE also include embers to help accent your fire.

This kit also comes with two choices in burner pans—either a single pipe or the H-Burner for a more realistic look! The Radiant Glow Bracket we include helps keep the flames where they belong so that your gas fireplace maximizes heat production. It doesn’t have to just be a pretty fireplace, but a functional one too! The grate you need for your gas log set is also included along with a flex connector so that you’ll have all the hardware you need to upgrade your gas fireplace! Why go with a company that only gives you some of what you want?

We have two more things we can offer you that other places just don’t. First, free continental shipping. We believe that we’ve done our job when our customers are happy and free makes everybody happy! What else? We can also offer you our expertise. Our customer service staff is located right here in Pennsylvania and they are all trained to help you. If they can’t, one of our experts can make sure that you get the help you need to order exactly what you want. After all, you deserve nothing but the best. Some places have forgotten that, but we haven’t. 

What you will get with your log set:

  • Burner Pan, either the E-Burner with a single pipe or the H-Burner for a rich glowing ember bed
  • Custom 5/8" grate to place logs on
  • Silica sand or Vermiculite depending on fuel type
  • Radiant Riser - This U-Shaped log piece helps by creating a neat chamber in the middle of the log stack
  • Radiant Glow Bracket - A piece that attaches to the back of the burner which bridges the gap between the back wall of the burner and the Radiant Rise. The barrier created directs the flame and heat to the heat chamber thus maximizing heat production
  • Embers to create glowing flames on bed of burner pan
  • Volcanic Cinders to spread around the log set
  • Black non-whistling flex connector
  • 21" Sets come with 13 logs; 24 Sets come with 14 logs; 30"Sets come with 15 logs, 36" Sets come with 16 logs.
  • Approvals; RGA-2-72, ANSI Z21.84 and PFS
  • E-Burner: NG or LP; 70,000-90,000 BTUs (NG depending on size); 46,000-78,600 BTUs (LP depending on size)
    H-Burner: NG or LP; 67,000-87,000 BTUs (NG depending on size); 52,000-76,000 BTUs (LP depending on size)

Radiant Heat Logs redefine the role of a vented gas log set. Hargoves revolutionary new molding process captures all the detail you expect from an excellent manufacturer but ceramic fiber, for maximum heat radiance. The Radiant Riser technology directs this heat forward and out into the room, creating radiant heat output comparable to ventfree, with the natural beauty of vented logs.

Gas Log Sizing Chart

Warning! Please note that all vented gas log sets can only be installed in a fully functional wood burning fireplace.

Most of our Hargove log sets and valves are in stock and can be shipped out in 48-72 hours. I might take a little longer in the busy season between October and March.

Manufacturer's Warranty:

  • Hargrove gas log sets carry a lifetime limited warranty on the logs, in the fireplace which they were originally installed. 
  • Five year limited warranty on burners and grates. 
  • Two year limited warranty on valves, pilots and other accessories.  
  • Log sets installed in outdoor applications carry a one year limited warranty.



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