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Air Tight Fireplace Doors

Depending on the building codes in your area, it may be a requirement that you have a tight fitting door in order to have a functioning fireplace. The advantage to these are sealed fireplace doors! Tighter fitting fireplace doors keep the heated and cooled warm air from going up the chimney but keep any unpleasant odors from the fireplace out of the room. No fireplace door is completely airtight, but gasketed doors or tither fitted doors save approximately 99% of energy loss. Make your masonry fireplace more than a décor item and lower your heating bill with Fireplace Doors Online's air tight fireplace doors!

Here are some changes to the new ICC code for 2016; the gasketed door requirement has been eliminated due to safety concerns.  The code now states that newly constructed masonry fireplaces need to have either a “tight fitting” flue damper or tight fitting doors.