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Air Tight Fireplace Doors

Airtight fireplace glass doors are better known by their proper name, "gasketed" or air sealed doors. These particular masonry doors allow less air to escape due to a gasket (or seal) that has been installed around the inside of the door frame, as well as around the glass. We have a nice selection of gorgeous, economical replacement models for you to choose from!

As of 2016, an update to the International Building Code was made. It now states that newly constructed masonry fireplaces need to have either a “tight fitting” flue damper or tight fitting doors in order to operate a fireplace. In addition to keeping the heat from escaping up the chimney, any aromas associated with the burn process are prevented from entering the room.

While no fireplace door is completely airtight, our gasketed doors are designed to fit your specific fireplace and maintain an energy-efficient rating of up to 99%! Make your masonry fireplace more than a centerpiece. Let us help you find and create a beautiful fireplace door that will be IBC code compliant and look positively stunning in your home!

Please be sure to contact our team of customer service experts with any questions you may have! We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-877-373-6677!