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Advantages of Owning a Freestanding Outdoor Grill

 Jul 26, 2019    Outdoor Living, Grills for Pros

Freestanding outdoor grills have a lot of potential. These freestanding grills have a number of advantages over fixed grills. While a freestanding outdoor grill tends to be smaller than other grills, it makes up for that with five key benefits.

We will go through all five of these benefits right now. Stick around if you want to know what they are! 

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#1 – Variety of Flavors

Believe it or not, freestanding outdoor grills can be used to cook in a variety of different ways. You can use it for anything from cooking eggs to smoking a fish. 

The size of the grill actually adds to the flavor. Since the food you are cooking will be close to the flames, it adds a certain texture that brings out more flavor. This improved texture makes your average barbeque ten times better!

If you really want to get your flavors going, smoker wood chips are the way to go. Some people add these wood chips to their grills to add that smoky texture that’s missing in a gas-fueled grill. You can even buy different flavors!

#2 – Portability

Obviously, the main purpose of having a freestanding outdoor grill is that it is portable. Freestanding outdoor grills can be moved around through the use of wheels. You may not want to go on a long walk with one, but it is much easier to move than a built-in grill. 

Even if you aren’t planning to move to a new house any time soon, the portability of a freestanding outdoor grill allows you to rearrange your patio whenever you like. Instead of being forced to move your furniture around the grill, you can adjust everything together for the perfect set up. 

On the other hand, there are portable grills that can be picked up by hand and moved around very easily. They aren’t as powerful, of course, but they’re quite convenient if you mean to move around a lot. 

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#3 – Efficient Fuel Options

Freestanding Outdoor Grills tend to work best with efficient, safe fuel options. The best choices include liquid propane and natural gas. These fuel forms are best used in a freestanding outdoor grill. They reduce the risks of an uncontrolled fire as well as save energy. (Less fuel is consumed than with other fuels) 

You can choose from many other types of fuel if you wish. However, we recommend using one of the two aforementioned fuels as they are the most efficient options out there to date. You will save money and keep your patio safe from potential fires all at once. 

#4 – The Fun of an Outdoor Barbeque

There’s nothing better to bring family and friends together than an outdoor barbeque. The smell of cooking meat and the sound of the fire are more than enough to entrance even the most stressed-out people. 

Being cooped up inside all the time isn’t good for anyone. We should all get some fresh air on a daily basis. An outdoor barbeque is a perfect excuse to do just that. All you need is a couple of people and some tasty, marinated meat. 

For those of you who have children that spend all their time indoors on their phones, an outdoor barbeque may be perfect for your situation too. You’d be surprised how excited even the quietest of children gets about a barbeque. 

Imagine how fun it would be to have your family and your mates gathered together. You could sit around a fire pit, should you own one, and catch up on all the latest pieces of interest for each other’s lives. A freestanding outdoor grill can literally keep your relationships healthy! 

#5 – Keeps the Smoke Out of Your Home

Obviously, you can barbeque food indoors. Well, actually you could if you were crazy enough. However, barbecuing meat tends to create a huge amount of smoke. While an indoor grill is capable of cooking a number of things without making much smoke, there is still some. 

A freestanding outdoor grill poses no risk to your health so long as you avoid breathing the smoke directly. Even when you can’t see it anymore, the smoke will still remain in your home. It will stick to your walls, curtains, sheets, and basically everything else in your entire house. 

We recommend keeping your freestanding outdoor grill away from any walls or windows if at all possible. If your outdoor grill is kept in an open area, the smoke should rise harmlessly into the air, instead of into the side of your house. 

These are just five of the many reasons why a freestanding outdoor grill is perfect for any home. Owning one saves you money on fuel, helps keep your relationships tight, provides the perfect means of going outdoors, and produces amazing, tasty food!

If you want all of the above benefits from a freestanding outdoor grill, then take a look at the various options we have to offer here

Last updated on October 2nd 2019.


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