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A Clean Fireplace is a Happy Fireplace

 Oct 10, 2019    Outside the Firebox

Cleaning a Fireplace

If you already own a fireplace or you plan to have one someday, you ought to know how to keep it clean. Not only must you know how to keep your fireplace clean, but you must also own a high-end fireplace toolset.

Whether you need an indoor fireplace tool set or an outdoor fireplace toolset, there are tons of options available to you. You’re bound to find something that looks great and suits your needs.

For those of you who don’t already own one of these or have little knowledge about them, don’t worry! We have everything you need to know right here in one easy-to-find location.

Why Can’t You Use a Regular Broom?

A typical broom is designed to pick up a small amount of dirt and dust from the floor. Your fireplace requires far more maintenance than the average spot of the floor. A fireplace broom has much thicker thistles so that it can pick up everything. An ordinary broom simply won’t cut it.

You really need a number of tools to ensure that your fireplace stays clean and lasts for a long time. Let’s take a look at some popular sets, shall we?

Top Rated Fireplace Tool Set Options

This beautiful brass fireplace tool set would look great with just about any fireplace door!

Select a Finish Simplicity Tool Set

These are made of steel with a polished brass finish. The hooked handles on these tools make for a fantastic aesthetic.

It includes a stand, poker, shovel, and tongs. All the tools you need are right here in one set. They’re designed to function efficiently and last for decades. Your toolset may even last longer than the fireplace itself!







This beautiful fireplace tool set would go great with more traditional fireplace decor!

Black Rock Steel Tool Set by Design Specialties

The black set is much like the brass set except that the finish is a black coating. (You have a variety of shades to choose from too.) The choice between these two would mainly come down to which one you think looks best in your home.







If you're looking for a piece of modern fireplace decor, this is definitely the way to go!

Brushed Stainless Steel Contemporary Wood Holder with Tool Set

This one is made entirely out of stainless steel which makes it quite easy to maintain its shiny, clean appearance. (Even when using it to hold wood and clean out your firebox.) It comes with a poker, shovel, and broom as well as the wood holder.

This one is perfect if you need a little extra space to store some wood. While you can also store the majority of your wood outside, it is nice to have some right there next to the fire so that you don’t have to go out every time you want to start a fire or add more wood to the existing one.







Looking for something modern? You'll love this beautiful black fireplace tool set!

Basic Design 5 Piece with Custom Finishes

The finishes on this are custom with either powder-coated finishes or artisan finishes. It takes on a square shape and pattern which you should take into account when imagining it in your home. It comes with a stand, poker, shovel, broom, and tongs.

The aesthetic of this rectangular set is perfect for a modern home setting. This is truly a fantastic art deco fireplace toolset







Looking for something with an old fashioned appearance? You'll love this fireplace log holder!

Chesapeake Wood Holder With Tool Set 

While the material for the holder is steel, it has custom powder coat finishes and premium hand-applied finishes available. Aside from the log holder, the set comes with a broom, poker, tongs, and shovel.

You’ll save a huge amount of space with this log holder and it comes with all the tools you need. What more needs to be said, am I right?







This elegant fireplace tool set is the perfect blend of color!

Legend Sunrise Fireplace Tool Set with Custom Finishes

This is one of my personal favorite fireplace toolsets. The tools are finished with a custom powder coat or artisan finishes. The aesthetic of the custom colors looks fantastic.

This is an extra-long fireplace toolset and allows you to easily clean your firebox all the way to the back. It comes with a poker, shovel, grapple, and broom.







What Makes These Tools Better than the Ones at a Chain Store?

You may be looking at your local superstore's options and thinking, “These are much cheaper!” Well, of course, they are! Our forged fireplace tool set choices are made from high-quality materials and are made to last.

The cheap options available to you in other places will last you a year at most. Ours should last for decades or more. (Plus, they look ten times better!)

Last updated on September 17th 2020.


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