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8 Things You Need To Do To Prepare Your Home For Winter

 Oct 5, 2016    Safety & Maintenance, Winter Readiness

Before Jack Frost stops by to nip at your nose, there are a few things you must do around the house to prepare for winter. This complete list covers both indoor and outdoor tasks that will help you save money and stay warm until the warm weather returns. Do these 8 things to prepare your home for winter:

1. Tidy up outside

Bring inside anything you don’t want to get ruined and take the steps to protect your outdoor furniture from the elements. If storing it in a shed or garage isn’t an option, purchase the appropriate covers. Grab a weather resistant fire pit cover and something similar for your grill. Bring the cushions and umbrella from your patio set inside. Clean up what’s left of summer and fall’s activities and voila – you’re ready for winter.

2. Check your wood stove

First, check your wood stove gasket to see if it needs replaced. A gasket that’s no longer up to the task can lead cold air into your home and make your stove less efficient. Learn how to replace it in the video below. Next, look over the stove’s glass doors to check for cracks. For new, quality high-temperature, high-strength glass, check out Fast Replacement Glass.

3. Clean the chimney

It is recommended that a chimney sweep maintain your chimney regularly. Look for a professional who is certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America. To save money, you can DIY simple cleaning or maintenance with one of these chimney brush kits.

4. Give your fireplace a facelift

If you’re going to be inside all winter long sitting in front of the fireplace, it needs to feel good and look good. There are two great ways to update the appearance of your zero clearance fireplace. First, try one of these high temperature paints for a quick update on a budget. Or, invest in a reface for your wood-burning fireplace. These provide a fresh update by replacing the fireplace doors and louvers with a magnetized unit.


5. Install a log lighter

Get through the colder months a little easier with a reliable gas log starter pipe. It is often overlooked, but the gas starter pipe is the heart of a fireplace lighter system and is specially designed to withstand the heat of a wood fire. Lucky for you, it also requires very little maintenance or cleaning.

6. Update the doors on your masonry fireplace

With the holidays just around the corner, you’re sure to be hosting a slew of parties and family gathers. Replace your fireplace doors for a quick update that will change the appeal of the entire room. Plus, doors prevent your fireplace from being a fire hazard and keep children and pets safe from accidents. Let the focal point of your home be safe and beautiful this holiday season.

7. Don’t let cold air in

Drafts can be a real downer when it’s cold out. Make sure to install storm doors and windows to seal things up. Check all the weather stripping around doors and windows, too. Winterizing your home can save you big bucks on utility bills.

8. Heat up the house

Before you turn on the heat for the first time, have a certified HVAC professional come out for routine maintenance. An annual inspection of your heating system also helps with energy costs and reduces the risk of any costly surprises when you need the heat (and your money!) the most.

Last updated on November 22nd 2019.

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