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6 Benefits of Owning a Patio Heater

 Sep 19, 2019    Heating Your Home, Staying Warm Outdoors

Patio heaters are incredible devices. A patio is completely transformed with the addition of one. 

If you already own a patio heater, then you will likely agree with everything we are about to say. If you don’t own one, prepare to be amazed by all the benefits that patio heaters come with!

We’re going to take a look at six of the main benefits that come with patio heaters. Read on if you’re interested in learning what they are! 

Bromic Portable Tungsten Gas Heater

Extremely Low Maintenance

Patio heaters require very little maintenance. Obviously, you will need to give them a bit of a cleanup every couple of weeks as they live outside. Other than that, you just need to check the gas or electricity line. (Depending on whether you purchase a gas-powered patio heater or an electrical one) 

Silent & Powerful

Patio heaters utilize radiant heat. Radiant heat doesn’t create the same level of noise that other forms of heat generation do. Radiant heat is also referred to as infrared heat. 

The radiant heat generated by a patio heater works much like the sun and warms you up after quite a short period of time. If it is cold outside when you first turn on the heater, you’ll start to feel warmer after just a few minutes. (Depending on the size of your patio and how far away you are from the heater) 

So, not only will you be warm and comfortable outside, but you will still be able to have excellent conversations without any background noise from your patio heater! 

Bromic 2300W Platinum Electric Heater

Tons of Variations

Patio heaters come in many sizes and types. You can get electric-powered or gas-powered patio heaters. You can also get patio heaters of varying sizes. Some sit on the ground, while others are installed on a railing or hang from the ceiling. There’s also a taller variation (call for details) that stands 7 feet tall. 

On top of all those differences, many people are designing patio heaters made with different materials in order to improve their aesthetic in certain locations. 

Lack of Pollution 

As we mentioned earlier, patio heaters utilize radiant heat. Radiant heat does not create cause the same kind of pollution that a general fire would. If you choose an electric-powered patio heater, you will have a device that creates no waste at all. (Though gas-powered patio heaters tend to heat up even quicker than electric ones do)

Long-Lasting & Durable

The majority of commercial patio heaters are built with high-grade stainless steel. They’re designed to last for years, if not decades. (Though, we recommend keeping them outdoors only when you need them) 

On top of being built to last, covering your patio heater will further increase the length of time that it survives in good condition. This way, the sun, dirt, and other potentially hazardous elements won’t be able to impact the patio heater. 

Bromic 300 Tungsten Gas Heater

Social Gatherings

Last, but certainly not least, a patio heater gives you the perfect excuse to hang out and have some fun outdoors. Owning a patio heater will remove the issue of being stuck indoors during the colder months. You can get your friends over or just spend some time outside with your family. 

Social gatherings are always fun, but there’s no denying that gathering outdoors has a certain excitement to it that simply isn’t gained from being inside. So, go ahead and break out the barbeque. It’s time to get out there and have some fun while also being comfortable and warm! 

If you’ve been convinced to get a patio heater of your own after reading about all these benefits, get in contact with us to learn more. Happy shopping! 

Last updated on February 4th 2020.


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