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5 Expert Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe Around Your Fireplace

We have researched what experts say are the top 5 fireplace and pet safety tips.

 Nov 25, 2015  Safety & Maintenance

5 tips to keep your pets safe around your fireplace!

We know how important your pets are to you. They're part of your family! So, to keep these inquisitive furry creatures safe around your fireplace, we've complied this little list of safety tips!

1. Keep them away from the flames: Fur and flames don't mix. Our fur babies are naturally attracted to the heat and the look of the flames. Protect your dog or cat from their own curiosity by making sure you have a fireplace door installed to prevent them from gaining access to the flames. Fireplace doors are also important to keep your pets away from any lava rocks or ceramic embers that are used in gas fireplaces. These accessories can sometimes be toxic to animals if ingested.

2. Keep them away from the hot glass: If you have glass fireplace doors, the glass in them can become very hot. Prevent your dog or cat from touching their paws or nose to the class door by setting a fireplace screen up. These folding screens stand in front of the fireplace.

3. Keep them away from the sparks: Sparks can fly out of your fireplace and onto your pet. If you do not have a door or screen installed, a spark guard can help to prevent those sparks from landing on Fido or Felix.

4. Keep your damper open while a fire is lit: A damper allows you to close or open the flue of your chimney. You close it when the fireplace is not in use, keeping heat from escaping. You need to open it when you have a fire lit, allowing the smoke and carbon monoxide to escape. Carbon monoxide can be deadly to pets, so make sure to use your damper correctly and install a carbon monoxide detector.

5. Keep all toys and bedding away from the fire: Dogs and cats love laying in front of the heat of the fire, but putting flammable bedding or toys near the fireplace could cause a fire or serious injury to your pet.

Keep all pet bedding and toys away from your fireplace

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