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Glass And Track Fireplace Door with Polished Brass Tracks & Black Stiles

42x21 Inch Polished Brass and Black Fireplace Door


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MSRP: $419.00
Short description:

Brand New (IN STOCK) Glass And Track Fireplace Door.
Fits Fireplace Opening: 42-1/2" Wide and 21" High

  • • Fireplace Type: Pre-Fab
  • • Door Fit: Inside
  • • Door Type: Cabinet Style 
  • • Material: Extruded Aluminum 
  • • Finish Color: Polished Brass | Black 
  • • Glass: 3/16 Inch Tempered Safety Glass 
  • • Glass Tint: Grey 
  • • Assembly: Unassembled 
  • • Mounting: Hardware Included

Fits Fireplace Opening: 42-1/2" Wide and 21" High
Brand New 42-1/2 x 21 Glass And Track Fireplace Door. This is a inside fit fireplace door. The combination of polished brass tracks and gloss black stiles creates an interesting finish. The glass and track fireplace door need two parallel surfaces in order to mount the two tracks where the glass door rides in it. An affordable solution for any prefab fireplace in the market. The glass doors will ride in tracks like old closet doors. This fireplace door will need assembled with the mounting hardware.


The glass and track door comes with some challenges. What you will receive is two tracks, two glass doors and hardware. What has to be installed very careful and accurate are the two tracks. They need to be plumb and level to each other. If not the case your doors will not open. The two tracks need to be drilled and screwed into the flat space on your prefab fireplace. When tracks are set correctly you can install the 4 clips that will hold the door wings. After that slide door wings into track and into holes in mounting clips. Test the ride and adjust accordingly. 

Product Manual PDF Product Manual: 42x21 Inch Polished Brass and Black Fireplace Door Glass and Track

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Manufacturer's Warranty

Our pre-cast concrete bowls are warrantied against manufacturer defects or structural damage for 1 year from the date of delivery. This does NOT include:

  • Using a concrete bowl with a fire. Although the components we have paired with this product have been proven safe to use, these bowls are designed as planters and/or spillway bowls per the manufacturer and are warrantied as such.
  • Failure to use lava rock or fire glass in accordance with our recommendations.
  • Small stress cracks and surface scratches, as these occur naturally in concrete.
  • Damage from fire use, misuse, neglect, vandalism, acts of nature, or subfreezing temperatures.

Negligence to adhere to fire safety requirements and/or misuse of this product will automatically void the warranty.

Warranty Information for additional products that may be added:

  • Burner Kits: 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty
  • Electronic Ignition System: 1 year / 2 year limited manufacturer's warranty
  • Lava Rock & Fire Glass: 90 days manufacturer's warranty

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Last updated on February 9th 2020.

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