Traditional Mantel Shelves

Many of us enjoy more traditional home décor. After all, what’s more relaxing than an evening sitting in front of your fireplace with an old world fireplace door (like this beautiful arched door) to really finish off the mood? But, don’t forget the fireplace mantel! A fireplace mantel is a great piece of fireplace décor because you can display your family portraits and other things that mean the world to you and your family.

Our traditional fireplace mantels make a beautiful addition to your fireplace décor. The beautiful fireplace mantels featured here are made by us. Our craftsmen pay special attention to each mantel so that what you get is a high quality fireplace mantel for your fireplace! We know that it’s important to you to get the best fire product you can, and that’s exactly what you get with us.

Made from strong, durable materials, our fireplace mantels are put to the test before we even start selling them. After all, we wouldn’t sell you anything that we wouldn’t put on our own fireplace! Some of our quality fireplace mantels are made from concrete reinforced with fiberglass so that they can be placed closer to your fireplace. Most of them are made out of wood, specially designed to withstand the heat of the fireplace! Our wood fireplace mantels are conditioned to prevent warping and cupping so that you can enjoy your new fireplace mantel for years to come.

Questions? No problem! Purchasing a fireplace mantel isn’t a snap decision; you want to get the perfect fireplace accessory for your home and that’s a big decision. Give us a call at 1-877-373-6677 or use one of our other convenient contact methods to speak to a trained, U.S. based representative today! We’ll help you select the fireplace mantel that you like best for your home as well as get other fireplace accessories that you want to make you a home of your dreams!


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