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Modern steel wall panels into an accent wall

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Are you looking to update your old decor with a contempory style?   Get a new modern look for your home with a modern steel accent wall.  By using steel wall panels, you can cover up your existing brick, stone, or tile work, giving your entire room a facelift. 

As a reference, an 8 foot by 7 foot wall covered in our steel wall panels comes to about $1950.  This price would go up or down, of course, depending on size, finish choice, and additional options that you choose.

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Steel Accent Wall

Are you looking to update your old decor with a contempory style?   

To give you an idea of price for one of our accent panels, an 8 foot by 7 foot accent wall would run around $1950.  

Metal wall panels for accent walls with no obstructions.The steel wall panels can come in one of four designs.

  1. Horizontal - The panels are long width ways, but short height ways.  Normally stacked 3-5 tall to go from floor to ceiling.
  2. Vertical - The panels are short width ways, but long height ways.  Normally stand 3-5 side by side to cover a wall.
  3. Tile - Mounted in a brick like pattern, these wall panels are staggered in horizontal rows.
  4. 4 panel - Four large panels of steel cut to fit your fireplace wall.  This is the most seamless choice. Styles of steel wall panels

You can choose one of 3 ways of edging your panels.

  1. Seamless - No seams at all.  Wall panels are butted up one, to the other with nothing showing on the fascia.
  2. Rivets - A more rustic or industrial look.  Rivets are placed in all 4 corners of the metal panels.
  3. Banding - A metal strip with rivets is at the edges of your metal panels. 

And we have over 20 different choices in colors for your steel wall panels.

Colors for steel wall panels

Let your imagination run wild with these custom metal wall panels.  Use them as a backsplash in your kitchen.  As an accent wall in your bedroom.  Use the stainless steel ones on the patio.  Use it with a fireplace, or without.  You are not limited when it comes to these panels. 



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