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How To Measure For My Masonry Fireplace Door

An important note to consider when choosing a fireplace door is it's air loss efficiency. By getting an exact fitting match for your masonry or traditional fireplace system, you can ensure their operation is at peak performance year round. A properly fitted door reduces air leakage and heat loss, and it just works better. Traditional Masonry fireplaces are less than perfect, so accurate measurements are even more crucial for the success of your fireplace door installation. Measure exact opening height & width with a tape measure that will not stretch. During this process, note any materials, corners, or hearths parts that may interfere with a clean fit.


I Have A Traditional Masonry, Brick, Stone Fireplace:

Standard masonry hearth, ready for a fireplace door.Arched and curved masonry hearth, ready for a fireplace door.

All glass fireplace doors & fireplace screens for traditional masonry fireplaces are designed to either overlap the opening (sit on the face of) or fit inside the opening (as a flush fit). Its recommended that both inside-fit & overlap-fit fireplace doors meet the following requirements:

  1. There is a suitable mounting surface on the top and bottom of your opening of your fireplace
  2. The Mounting surface of your fireplace must be level & surround materials in good shape
  3. The fireplace opening should be square and level since our fireplace doors are made to be square & true
  4. Any out of square conditions on the opening will be exaggerated, or will prevent proper installation of your fireplace door.



We Begin By Measuring Various Widths & Heights Of Your Fireplace:

Measuring for a masonry fireplace door in various placesAfter you measure a door will fit and look clean

In order to determine the width of your fireplace opening, we suggest that you measure it on top, middle, and bottom. Use the smallest number of these measurements. In order to determine the height of your fireplace opening, we suggest that you measure it on the right side, left side, and middle. Also use the smallest number from those measurements. Your 2 smallest measurements will be the opening dimensions. Glass fireplace doors installed as overlap fit will be mounted to the face of the fireplace and need a hearth to rest on. Fireplace glass doors installed as inside fit will be mounted inside the opening and need to be mortared in or trimmed around. Always choose exact opening measurement as requested on the product builder. Do not deduct anything from your measurements otherwise your door will be built to small or might not fit.


Need a Little More Guidance? You can read or watch our full tape measuring guide here


If still unsure, send us a picture of the fireplace. This will help us to make sure you get the right fitting door for years of enjoyment. We are available at (888) 986-1535 or directly at support@cjshearthandhome.com to help you in any steps of this process.

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