Cheyenne Air Sealed Fireplace Door

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Cheyenne Air Sealed Fireplace Door in Flat Black


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The Cheyenne Air Sealed fireplace doors can only be installed on a masonry fireplace.

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Love a fireplace but not the drafts or odor? The Cheyenne Air Sealed Fireplace Door might just be what you need! This fireplace door seals tight and prevents the unpleasant drafts that can happen when not in use. And, with this masonry fireplace door, you’ve got the option to upgrade to ceramic glass—perfect for burning with the doors shut! Grab our Cheyenne Air Sealed Fireplace Door and enjoy winter without the drafts!


Tempered glass is the industry standard and most commonly used in fireplace doors. The advantage to tempered safety glass is that it is fairly inexpensive compared to ceramic glass and performs well for most fireplaces. We do not recommend you burn with your doors closed while using tempered glass.  The tempered glass can withstand up to 650°, however, if you choose to burn with the doors closed and your fire becomes a large inferno, or a hot log touches the glass, it may shatter.

Ceramic Glass will be more expensive but can withstand temperature up to 1400°. With ceramic glass you can burn with the doors closed and the flames can touch the glass without a problem. This is the reason why most high efficient wood stoves and fireplaces use ceramic glass. Another feature is that the heat will actually radiate thru the glass and the warmth will help heat your room.

  • 1/4" heavy duty steel construction
  • 2" mounting flange and hardware
  • Damper or air control inlet at bottom
  • Tempered safety glass with 90 day warranty
  • Upgrade to ceramic glass
  • Standard overlap is about 1"

Do you know what fireplace you have? Make sure before you place your order! Please follow this link to our learning center that will guide you in finding the correct fireplace door for your fireplace.

Features & Benefits:
  • Tempered safety glass comes with a 90 day warranty
  • Reduce down drafts and smoke spillage with these air sealed doors.
  • Special gasket helps to prevent heat loss and save energy.
  • Proudly Made In USA
  • Free shipping to the continental USA.
  • Do not install these fireplace glass doors on any factory-built firebox, prefabs or any fireplace with ventless gas logs! These are code violations and can cause fires.

Here is a list of tools required for installation of the Cheyenne air sealed glass fireplace door:

  • power drill
  • 1-1/4"metal drill bit
  • 3/16" masonry drill bit
  • 5/16" socket with ratchet
  • caulking gun 
  • hi-temp silicone
  • safety glasses.

Always wear safety glasses during installation. Use properly grounded electrical cords to prevent electrical shock. The door installation kit includes: an insulation strip and self tapping masonry lag screws. Measure the sides of the opening to determine where mortar joints exist. Drill the builders flange (using the 1-1/4"metal bit) at the appropriate joint heights. After holes are drilled into the return flange mark on joints the hole heights, remove door and drill holes with masonry bit. Reinstall door insert self-taping screws and tighten it. Always tighten all mounting screws evenly.


Estimated Lead Time:

Door Made To Order
Estimated Production Time 6 Weeks plus transit time
Gold, Antique Brass And Nickel Plating have a 8 week production time plus transit time


Manufacturer's Warranty:

5 year limited warranty on workmanship.
90 days on tempered safety glass.
No warranty on ceramic glass


  • Made in the United States
  • Steel

Type Of Fireplace

Fireplace Door Can ONLY Be Installed On A:
  • Masonry Fireplace

Inside Fit Or Overlap Fit

Door Is Installed As An:
  • Overlap Fit Door
  • Inside Fit Door

Fireplace Glass Colors

Glass Colors Available:
  • Ceramic Glass
  • Clear Tempered Glass
  • Bronze Tempered Glass
  • Smoked Tempered Glass

Spark Guard

Is A Mesh Screen Included:
  • Mesh Available For An Extra Charge


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